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Time Saving Techniques To Boost Your Productivity

Jul 31, 2008
The proverbial quote the early bird catches the worm is, more than ever, a significant guiding principle in modern day business management. Starting early or being ahead of the pack increases your chances for succeeding and the sooner you start, the sooner you will achieve success. Clearly this goes hand in hand with utilizing time saving techniques to help you achieve rapid results without compromising your productivity.

There are many systems available that are specifically devised to save time and optimize productivity. The following are just a few steps designed to help you optimize your time and productivity.

Prepare your self and commit to the task at hand before beginning. This is a simple thing to let the idea of spending a short time at the beginning of the day getting your thoughts and the tasks at hand in order can significantly increase your productivity. Simple steps such as preparing a to do list will go a long way to helping you accomplish a daily target. Listing what you need to do in a day helps you analyze and develop baby steps towards completing a week long or month long project that is the culmination of a number of different factors and small tasks.

Have a planned order or sequence that you will follow throughout the day, week or even month. This may even mean that you need to allocate a little of your time to initiate or reorganize an existing plan, or develop a new series of procedures that you work through each day. Remember that although a little preparation and planning can seem like a lot of time out of a busy day, time spent scheduling your tasks can in fact save you more time in the long run. Some steps to get this right are as follows:

o Be realistic about what can be accomplished in a day

o Set a series of tasks that can be completed in allotments of time of about an hour or so

o Take a little time to start and end the day well. A little housekeeping, clearing of your desk, checking emails, emptying the fax machine, checking messages, etc. at the start and finish of the day can go a long way to making you feel more comfortable in your workspace and on top of your communication tasks

o Prioritize your work in your daily to do list. A tip here is that a priority does not always mean the first thing to do; it also means considering any tasks that are reliant upon the completion of other tasks. Incorporating this facet of prioritizing in your planning can have a marked impact on your productivity.

o Take time constraints into planning your tasks. You know that not all your daily task are urgent, so sometimes a little consideration about how to finish tasks according to urgency can also help to make things flow in the workplace more smoothly.

Make sure that you know how to get your work flowing in a positive way. Whilst thinking and planning are an important part of your day to day success and organization, there is no doubt that planning alone will not keep you progressing in the right direction. Be proactive in your approach to your work and you will no doubt notice how completing one or more tasks helps keep you motivated and feeling positive about achieving more. We all can be prone to procrastination from time to time, so setting goals and achieving them is a good way of overcoming this in your daily work routine.

There are many things that can be done to ensure that we boost our productivity. Self-motivation can be a crucial element, but a little know how on prioritizing tasks, setting goals, organizing your time effectively and being able to sequence and schedule your days, weeks and months will certainly take you from being good to being truly efficient and a highly productive worker or organization.
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