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6 Tips to Paid Surveys Online Success

Jul 31, 2008
You have heard that you can earn extra money by doing paid surveys online. Armed with your computer and some extra time you bring yourself to the Internet and put in a search for paid surveys. You pull up the first page and it lists 2,210,000 sites. At first you get excited and then you are overwhelmed. How do you find legitimate offers?

There are usually three types of surveys to look for and each one has it's own merit. You can find those that offer you money, those that offer cash and prizes and those that offer a chance to win in sweepstakes. You will also have those that will pay you for trying out certain products and others that are just gathering information. The key to all of them is to decide what kinds of surveys you want to do and start finding those types.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Find survey companies that are free to sign up with so you can test them out to see whether you like them or not. Look for those who are recommended by other people. You can find this information out by doing a search for the 10 Top survey companies.

2. Don't pay for paid survey lists. This is usually a site that is only offering information. You can find the information out on your own.

3. Check their demographics before you start. You will be looking for sites that fit your age range, gender and sometimes your socioeconomic level. Of course a lot of people lie on these but if you want to get paid it's best to tell the truth.

4. Make time to fill out the surveys. The more you fill out the more money you can make so take the time to do as many as you can.

5. Read everything you can from different websites about how to make money through paid surveys. There are many people out there who are willing to help others have the best experiences with paid surveys online.

6. Be wary of sites that say you can make outrageous amounts of money ($500 to $1000 a day). These sites are probably scams and will want to take your money rather than help you find surveys.

One of the ways to start your research to find the best sites is to start with companies that actually review online paid surveys sites. As examples, Survey Police help to identify online survey scams and Survey Sentinel ranks them by how well they work. You can find out more by doing a search for "survey review companies."

It is a good idea to be cautious, but the more sites you sign up for, the more you have coming to your email box.
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Greg Shuey is an expert when it comes to Paid Surveys. Greg has compiled a directory of paid survey companies like Survey Team and Surveys.com. Visit Survey Inferno today to get started making money with paid surveys.
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