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The Advantages of Managed Hosting

Jul 31, 2008
Managed hosting is a smart option for small to medium size businesses that want to establish an effective web presence but don't have the budget for a full-time IT staff or the costly hardware required to host their web site.

With managed hosting, you entrust a company to host your web site. Your site is placed on a dedicated server in their facility. Besides the web hosting itself, these services can usually come with a number of other features that can be very beneficial for companies using the Internet to boost their revenue and to attract new customers, which at the end of the day everyone is looking for.

Below are some of the reasons why managed hosting could be the right choice for you.

Your Web Site is Handled by Professionals

In business, you know that sometimes the smartest choice is to bring in an expert to handle certain responsibilities on your behalf. For example, most business owners don't manage their own books. They hire accountants or other people who are experienced at dealing with those tasks.

Otherwise, you would spend a large amount of time trying to do something in your business you just didn't know how to do. That's how mistakes get made.

By turning over the hosting of your web site to a professional service, you are making the same type of decision. Their staff are experienced in maintaining the hardware and programming necessary to keep your site up and running so potential customers can find it. Their knowledge can help you be more successful and can free up your time for other important business tasks.

Managed Hosting Saves Money

Another important part of running a business is learning how to make cost-effective decisions. You may have to decide, for example, whether to hire a full-time marketing person or to outsource your marketing campaigns on a project by project basis. Clearly, there would be pros and cons to both choices but one might end up saving you more money without jeopardizing the results you want.

Managed hosting is the same thing. If you want to host your web site in-house, you'd first need to invest in a dedicated server that would house your site and all its related components. Those servers aren't cheap.

Next, you'd need to bring in a professional to help you set up the server and your web site. Given that IT professionals can charge 50 to 80 an hour or more for their services, you can imagine how much that would cost. Plus, you'll still need to call them back frequently for maintenance.

When you trust a third party to handle your web hosting, you don't have to worry about those problems. You pay a flat rate for your hosting and that includes all of the maintenance. The only thing you need to do is keep your site updated for your visitors. Additionally, some of these services will even provide back-ups of your site and applications which means if something would happen to your company's computer infrastructure, these important files would still be safe.
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