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Guide to Winning With Paid Surveys

Jul 31, 2008
This article will give you enough information to get started making money online with paid surveys. Survey taking and companies paying for opinions is much older than the internet, in fact it has been around for decades. However, with the birth of the internet paid surveys really came into their own and have exploded in popularity. These days it is so much easier than in the past to make money being a survey taker, all thanks to the internet.

When beginning with online paid surveys you may need to use a bit of caution. As with any area that has money connected there are scams around. These are typically pretty easy to avoid. You should also beware working with middle men who will ask you to pay them for access to "special" surveys or lists of survey companies. These are just a waste of your money.

These days many if not most companies conduct at least part of their market research online. Often they will hire out companies that specialize in market research to have surveys sent out on their behalf. While it's true that some shady companies have given the online paid survey industry a black eye, I can assure you that it is alive and well, paying out millions of dollars each year to the panelists who participate in online surveys. There are plenty of paid surveys out there for anyone to make money if they want to.

A good place to start is by doing your own research to get a list of companies together that are reputable. Try to sign up with at least a half dozen to begin. Some companies only send out a couple surveys weekly so you'll want to register with several companies to ensure you'll have an ongoing stream of surveys to take. When you begin receiving surveys be sure to respond to them in a timely manner and do a good job. The survey companies will look at your history and in time will send you not only more surveys, but also the higher paying surveys. By building a good history with several good survey sites you should be able to build yourself a nice monthly income.

It's best if you keep your expectations small in the beginning as it does take some time to work up to a reasonable income with paid surveys. Most sites require a minimum amount for payment and this may take several weeks to meet. Once you've hit the initial payment though things tend to go much smoother. Oh, and it can also take a week or better to get credited for surveys you take. So, it pays to be patient in the beginning.
Paid surveys can be a good way to boost your income. Pick your companies well and you can do well with the free online paid survey. While there are some scams out there you can find many legitimate paid online surveys as well. Keep at it and you'll be making money sooner than you think.
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The author is a online paid survey expert and has been taking paid surveys and instructing others how to get paid for surveys for over a year. To learn how you can find free online paid survey companies visit his paid survey site which has links to over 300 paid survey companies available for free.
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