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Guru Cruise And Guru Marketing

Jul 31, 2008
I dont like the word guru, and the fact that the majority of them online are self-proclaimed. Now they may make alot of money, and maybe they really do know how to market really well. But then let me ask you, why do 95% of their downlines fail. The same percentage of people fail that are trained by gurus as people who just join and figure it out themselves.

These gurus know how to make money, no doubt about it. But they dont know how to make you money. Think about it, they all haev wonderful business ideas, beautiful websites, and an amazing lifestyle we all dream about.
And thats exactly my point, the Chris Campbells and David Dubbs' and the Ty Coughlins, or even the Rachel Longs, they are all one of a kind people who have something special, maybe its the ability to sell over the phone, or being able to write powerful ad-copy.

It doesnt matter, 95% fail, and your odds of success are exactly the same when you join someone else who doesnt have a clue. But it sure feels good to try and help people, but I have noticed people dont want my help, and when they do ask for it, they dont like to hear the fact that you will have to put in some effort to learn the simple basic steps of marketing online in order to earn a good consistant income.

By all means I am not a guru, but I do know alot of stuff that works, and the plain and simple truth is that with a little hard work, you can make money online. And it all depends on you, for how much that is. Dont listen to these gurus about how You can make $300,000 in one month. The odds of you even making $5000 in one month is 1 in 100. Now, I still believe you can be the next millionaire online. But dont get to excited before starting with a guru, do your research and just simply find someone who will give up some knowledge to you. Join with someone you get along with, someone who has a story thats similar to yours. Dont fall for the guru this and guru that.

The only guru online would be... well anyone who says they are. And with that being said, I hope you find an opportunity that you like, but lets face it, its not the product or the joining under a guru, its simply the fact that you need to take action by joining an online business and then sticking with it. Learn to promote it and accept that you will be there 3 months from now. You are not going to wake a millionaire. Even if the gurus tell you otherwise. They have years of experience and know how to make it sound so simple and great.
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See how Rick Lim can help you. Just like thousands of others Rick struggled online, until he learned to market, now, I can make money with anything online. And I want to help you too. Just giving back!
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