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What Plants Should I Use in My Garden Pond?

Jul 31, 2008
Garden pond plants breathe in oxygen during the night and carbon dioxide in the day; this makes them eco-friendly. They keep your pond water clear by absorbing the nitrates in the water hence preventing it from turning green. Your tastes and preferences will determine the kind of pond plant you use in your garden.

Some examples include:

* Water Violet
* Water Crow Foot

You may also decide to have some fish in your pond, along with your pond plants. In this case you may decide to put in plants that oxygenate the water which will increase the amount of oxygen in the water for your fish to take in, as well as keeping the water clear so that you can view your fish. These types of plants are usually under the water and when looked at keenly on a sunny day have bubbles coming from the leaves. They can cohabit excellently with your fish, because just like fish they cannot survive outside of the water. The preferable kind of garden pond plants to use when you have fish in the same pond is the one that is rootless and float under water. They are mobile and will not be disturbed by your fish as they swim about.

Beautiful flowers are a sight that is never easily forgotten. If you have a passion for flowers then you should use marginal plants. They grow in shallow ponds, especially if they are muddy. They are the ones that grow many beautiful flowers that will brighten and lighten your day. They include plants like Water Buttons, Marsh Marigold, Duck Potato and many others. Another kind is the water lily which is available in various colours and scent, which when put together provides not only a wonderful sight but aroma too. They are hardy and have longer flowering periods.

The size and depth of your garden pond will also determine the kind of plants you use in your garden pond. There are those plants that grow rapidly like the lily; these will need a larger and deeper pond as they need more space to accommodate their rapid growth. Others like the water hyacinth also grow very rapidly and may easily take over your pond, so should you decide to use them then you should take great care in controlling their growth. The lotus is also another one which may need to be put on its own, as its leaves tend to grow high above the water. The flowers will grow even higher; this is due to them being situated above the leaves.

At all times and with all sizes and depths of garden ponds, it is of paramount importance to ensure that you only use garden plants that have been properly excavated and free from any form of disease or infection. This will ensure that your garden pond plants are healthy and stay healthy and your efforts will be rewarded.
Most people who make garden ponds intend to have very beautiful and healthy plants.
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