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Choosing the Right Lighting For Your Home Aquarium

Jul 31, 2008
Choosing the right lighting for your aquarium is of paramount importance, if your aquarium is to be fully functional and exciting.

To determine the right lighting for your aquarium you will have to consider the following:

* What you are keeping in the aquarium
* Its' depth
* The amount of heat the lighting will give out
* Your personal tastes

One lamp will be all you may need if all you have in your small aquarium are a few fish. Even though you may need just a single lamp, it is also worthwhile to note that the fish will need lighting at certain regulated times. Too much lighting will mean that the fish will not have enough time to rest, while very little lighting will also make the fish listless and they may end up losing colour.

To achieve the best results in this case, one lamp with a timer to switch it on and off at stipulated times, preferably every 12 hours, would be the best. Remember that lamps that emit more red do illuminate the fish better. The preferable kind of lighting for this kind of aquarium would be incandescent lighting. This type of lighting will offer various colours and bulb strengths.

A deep aquarium will need more lighting, as obviously you will have a larger area to light. This kind of aquarium will require intense lighting and the best kind of light for it would be the metal halide as opposed to other types. They give light in wavelengths that encourage photosynthesis. A compact bulb would be a suitable option for this kind of aquarium. They are economical and last very long. They can be replaced after 2+ years, which is a sufficient period.

If you happen to have only plants in your aquarium you have to be extra careful in choosing the correct lighting. Failure to do this is one of the common reasons as to the poor growth or total failure in growing plants. Choose a lamp that is deliberately designed to emit red wavelength light which is similar to the light of the sun. Use an actinic light combined with daylight light which proves excellent results.

Finally after putting all the above into consideration, as usual the cost of the lamp or lighting will come into play. The amount of money you have in your budget will determine the kind of light that you choose. Consider the cost of replacing the bulbs, as you will have to replace them at some point. Ensure that the bulbs you buy are economical now and in the future.

A well lit aquarium means healthier fish and plants. These make up the beauty of a blossoming aquarium. Your plants and fish will respond to the right lighting and all of you will live happily ever after. Lights which are good for plants also bring out the colours of the fish, so you will take great pleasure in seeing them at their very best.
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Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For information on aquariums, he recommends Seapets, one of the UK's leading suppliers of Aquarium Lighting.
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