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How Can an Insurance Claims Specialist Help?

Jul 31, 2008
Generally, most people have a misconception about their insurance agent. They believe that because they have been paying their annual premiums that the agent is concerned about doing what is right for them. While that may be true for a small number of agents, most agents on the other hand know their loyalty is to the insurance company for which they work.

When the adjuster comes out to examine your damage, he or she wants to save the boss as much money as possible. And that means they will do whatever it takes to minimize the value of your claims.

Of course, you won't be thinking about all of these issues at the time. You will be worried and stressed because of the accident, the fire, the storm, or whatever may be the cause of your claim. And that is why it is important for you to use an insurance claims specialist.

What Does an Insurance Claims Specialist Do?

Insurance claims specialists work with people like you who need assistance in filing their claims and in handling all of the other responsibilities that may entail. The specialist can come into the picture and help you answer questions from the insurance company and deal with all of the other professionals who will be involved in making you whole again. You won't have to deal with the phone calls, emails and letters from the insurance company, the contractors, or anyone else. All of that will be handled by your claims specialist. You just work on getting your life back together.

Another important service is that an insurance claims specialist can help you interpret the fine print of your policy. Most of us don't understand the jargon insurance companies use to explain our coverage, the policy exceptions and other elements. They can step in and help you make sense of all the details so you will be armed with knowledge.

Specific Services from Insurance Claims Specialist

As soon as you need to make an insurance claim, you should call in your specialist. Because you will need to make sure your story is coherent, you can work with the specialist before you start answering questions from your agent.

Additionally, if you need a temporary place to live or a rental car or even cash to hold you over until you can begin receiving funds from your policy, your insurance claims specialist can take care of all of these areas for you.

Once your basic needs are taken care of, your specialist will start assessing your damages. He or she will be able to provide a true estimate of what you have lost as a result of the accident, fire, or other destructive event. They can also examine your policy and decide what you can expect to receive based on those damages.

After the wheels of the claims process are set in motion, your representative will work with the professionals on your behalf and will help to negotiate the type of settlement you desire and for the amount you deserve.

Remember they will be working for your interest not the insurance company's.
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Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For Loss Assessor Consultants and Insurance Claim Specialists, he recommends Morgan Clark.
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