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Swiss Bank Account: The World's Preferred Wealth Haven

Jul 31, 2008
If you are looking for your wealth management, wealth planning, asset protection then opening a Swiss bank account in a Swiss private bank should be your preferred choice.

The banking services of the prestigious Swiss private banks are much sought after by wealthy individuals and corporations who seek to explore the fine banking experiences of Swiss banks. In fact it has become a norm to open a Swiss bank account with people wishing to gain substantially from their wealth and assets.

Swiss banks offer personalized services to suit your needs and nowhere in the world would you get such fine banking services. Clients having a Swiss bank account are not only offered wealth management, wealth planning, investment planning and asset protection solutions but they also get the benefit of getting these requirements structured as per their needs.

Swiss banks always strive to build long lasting relationships with their clients with their financial expertise and efficient planning. Swiss banking offers you a complete range of private banking services like financial consulting, real estate, securities and inheritance planning.

Swiss banks with their personalized banking solutions establish a high level of trust and goodwill with their clients. You are also assured of a highly confidential and personal management of your investments.

Nowadays offshore asset protection is becoming very popular with people and if you have substantial liquid net worth you should go for a Swiss bank account to get maximum asset protection for your assets. Banks in Switzerland with their asset protection facility protects your savings from litigation, punitive taxation and possible future divorce settlements. Swiss consultants specializing in banking services are very experienced and can provide you with the most practical advice and banking solutions.

If you are thinking of opening or managing corporations, trusts, foundations, partnerships, LLCs and other entities then it is better to approach a Swiss bank to get the best solutions for all your above needs. The asset protection trust facility available with the banks in Switzerland is a very convenient and efficient system.

Swiss banking came into existence in 1685 and since then it has built a reputation of trust with one and all. In fact the trend of preferring Swiss banking started in the eighteenth century when the emperor of France Louis XVI appointed a Swiss banker as his finance director.

Swiss banks were known to be as the most trusted banks and when Switzerland declared its neutral status in the nineteenth century this trust became even more solid. Swiss banking policies are not influenced by government policies and as such they are very attractive to investors.

Many of the projects that got underway in France in the nineteenth century required huge investments and it was the Swiss banks that managed all these investments. This was the case also with many countries later on.

The world famous Swiss banking secrecy is a part of the Swiss legal system and it originated between 1932 and 1934. People say that this secrecy has got something to do with Adolf Hitler who had opened a Swiss bank account in 1934 and wanted to safeguard his deposits.
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