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Ease the Pain- Use Promotional Stress Balls

Jul 31, 2008
Stress is a natural thing for everyone and is extremely nasty when not attended to. It basically drains all our energy and leaves us moody, unproductive, cluttered and incompetent. Medically speaking, Stress is also the mother of all diseases since it weakens our immune defence that will soon progress in developing into a disease or an ailment. With the recent findings in the veterinary field, even our pets experience how arduous it is when stressed, what more is it with us?

In other words, stress is universal regardless where we come from.

How do you use stress for your advantage then? Using branded stress items as promotional materials perk up a company or an establishment's business profile. Let me emphasise to you the need of using branded stress items as promotional materials.

* It helps relieve stress.
* It establishes a firm and good rapport with the people you target
* It also establishes a statement of how important your employees, customers and clients are.
* It simply shows you care.
* It shows you seriously value quality, efficiency and durability.
* And lastly, you are not cheap like other competitors

With these simple yet essential reasons behind it, it develops your edge and your mark compared to others. Weigh the infinite benefits in using branded stress items in optimising your profile. It simply has no comparison with the cheap ones. Maybe also with the volume of purchase, you may be given some discounts or freebies. Why not try to design a marketing scheme that is creative and trendy where you can refund the total cost in an event or two. Tie-up with the producers of these branded stress items to establish a win-win relationship. The formula here is:

They earn from you and in return, by using their brand (FREE ADVERTISING for them) and putting your company logo there will also help promote and accelerate your business profile. Isn't that a good deal? Both of you are on the same wavelength since you both highly regard QUALITY IN PROMOTIONS.

There are a lot of branded stress items that are available in the market right now that can help you with your concerns in using this promotional strategy. De-stress everyone! Use only branded stress items.

Here is a list of different products in different shapes and styles:

Stress toys

o House
o Book
o Rugby ball
o Globe
o Heart
o Dice
o Telephone
o Mobile phone
o Computer
o Animal
o Flags
o Airplanes
o Ships
o Capsule
o Smiley
o Apple
o Light bulb
o Brick
o Bone
o Hard hat
o Lightning
o Coffee cup
o Aspirin
o Sports car
o Thumbs up
o Hammer
o Water drop
o Truck
o Witches hat
o Dollar sign
o Money bag
o Puzzle
o Star
o Train
o @ Symbol
o T-shirt
o Volkswagen beetle
o Pyramid
o Stop sign
o Semi trailer
o Head
o Rock
o Computer mouse
o Building blocks

Stress balls

o 3 set juggling balls
o Jelly balls
o Basketball
o Soccer ball
o Golf ball
o Volleyball
o Tennis ball
o Walking stress ball

Now go on, take a break from the headache and be part of the solution. Use Promotional Stress Balls to promote your stress-free company and message.
About the Author
Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional Stress Balls and Branded Stress Balls at www.fluidbranding.com. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit www.ecoincentives.com
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