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Review of Top 9 Email Programs that are Free

Jul 31, 2008
You just got on the internet with your first computer, now you want to get another email service, but you don't want to pay for this one. Why do people get extra email programs? Because they may have several places they are going to sign up too, and they don't want those emails to go to their paid email. Depending on what you pick you can get plenty of storage, effective spam filtering, and so much more. We are going to go over the top 9 choices you have for email programs.

1. Gmail, this is Google's email and chat program. There seems to be unlimited free storage to you online. You can collect your messages easily. Gmail is simple to use and yet advanced in nature. This is a very good choice that is seen around the internet a lot now.

2. AIM Mail, which is AOL's free email service, it's a great service that offers you unlimited online storage, a close to top of the line spam protection and very easy to interface. But AIM does lack in a few other areas, like folders, message threading, and labels.

3. GMX Mail, this is a very reliable service which can filter spam very well; there is a 5 GB storage limit online. Not unlimited storage, but 5 GB is a lot of storage.

4. Yahoo! Mail, this is one of the biggest free emails out there. Most people seem to have at least one Yahoo! Mail account. It offers you unlimited storage, with RSS news feeds, the ability to send SMS text messages, and instant messaging also. Spam is caught pretty effectively for you, you can label stuff and really Yahoo seems like a very easy and effective email program.

5. Inbox com offers you 5 GB storage; it is a highly polished program. Very fast and functional also, IMAP is not supported though. Also the organization tools could be improved.

6. Gawab com this speedy mail service offers 2 GB of online storage; it's stable and very easy to use. Again like Inbox com though it lacks IMAP support.

7. Zenbe will help to organize your emails and attachments with labels and searches. There is a calendar also on Zenbe, and Facebook updates are offered. Spam filtering is good, but again IMAP and POP support is not available. Zenbe is focused on elegant simplicity, and many very nice shortcuts are offered, but other things are missing.

8. FastMail is a nice free mail service, you would have a guest account that offers IMAP access, the normal other email features. This is probably one of the best free email systems offered.

9. Yahoo! Mail Classic, this isn't as up to date as Yahoo! Mail, but some people are more comfortable with the old Yahoo! Mail options. Good spam filtering and everything else Yahoo! Mail is known for.

There are many more free email choices if you go and do a search. These are what are considered to be the top nine choices by many experts. Again you have to research some for your self and maybe try a few of the programs listed above. Once you find one you like though you probably won't search for another one!
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