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How To Be A Good Article Writer

Jul 31, 2008
Many aspiring article writers are put off by the many books on writing articles and writers courses. These books with voluminous detail on writing articles and analysis of article writing techniques, not only cause those aspiring to write articles to be confused about how to write articles but also to lose interest in writing articles.

It does not matter whether one is a doctorate degree holder or a grandmother in the field of article writing. What you essentially need is a good command of the language which includes correct grammar and spelling.

Should you lack the discipline and the patience to write books, novels, movie-scripts, you can still enjoy money and fame by writing articles. The article writing market is huge: local or national newspapers, juvenile or teen-age, trade or international magazines all need articles, and writers to write articles. You can write articles on 'how to' issues, on issues you feel strongly about and even present your opinions.

Writing articles to many is a means of earning a living.Writing is not reserved only for an elite group. Anyone can learn to write just about anything and make it a marketable piece too! All you need is to have good knowledge of the subject matter or knows how to thoroughly research on it or both. There are endless topics that you can write. To produce a good piece of writing is easy and simple. However, it may take some writers a little longer time and also extended research to produce a complete saleable piece than others. Always bear in mind that a good command of the proper use of words and a basic knowledge of punctuation and grammar is a must.

Many article writers did not learn their skill from how-to books or writing courses. Many have pursued this as a career or hobby because of their passion. It can be said that the best writer is one who can express his or her ideas clearly and invoke both passion and interest of their readers. When accepting writing assignments, it is only ethical and professional that you accept those with topics that you are familiar with. Badly written articles will only damage your credibility and reputation in the writers' circle. In short, do not accept articles which you are not able to deliver your best. Do remember at all times to respect and observe copyright rules.

As mentioned before, we can write articles on almost any topics and the best articles to write are the ones you are most familiar with. Here are some examples, if you are a doctor, the best topics to write is on medical issues as your profession will bring credibility and interest to the articles. If you are a mother, you can start writing articles on parenting or cooking. Happy writing!
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