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Seven Tips to Get More Bookings at Your Next Direct Sales Party

Aug 1, 2008
It can be a little intimidating to host your first home party or demonstration event for your home based direct sales business. You cross your fingers, hoping that people will be impressed with your products and make purchases, as well as being nervous about the prospects of future home party bookings. Here are seven tips which can assist you in getting bookings the next time you hold a direct sales party or demonstration.

1. Exchange shows - Perhaps you already know someone else who has a direct sales business. If you want to book future parties, you should ask them about the possibility of exchanging party bookings.

2. If your child's school permits, why not leave a few catalogs in the teacher's lounge? Teachers are often on the lookout for a bargain as well as items which will help their classes. Especially if your direct sales business deals with educational products, this may net you a few bookings.

3. Next time you go to your doctor or dentist, leave a few catalogs or other literature in the waiting room. You can also consider leaving some literature with the receptionist.

4. Contact your Chamber of Commerce to find whether they operate a Welcome Wagon program for new arrivals. If there is such a program, inquire about giving them some literature to include in these packages for those new to the area.

5. Try sending literature and catalogs to people chosen at random from the phone book. Keep track of who you have sent literature to so you do not repeatedly mail to them.

6. When holding your party, tell all of those in attendance that the host or hostess of the party will be receiving free gifts for having held the party in their home. Be sure to mention that the hostess is working towards a goal and needs their help to achieve that goal - it's OK to go ahead and ask people outright to book a party to help this goal be met by the host or hostess.

7. Tell your attendees that if a second show is booked in the near future, the host or hostess will be granted the chance to see new products before they hit the market. If your host or hostess has gone a while without holding a party, this may work well as a motivational tool. You can also offer these opportunities close to holidays; people will be interested in holding these events to save on their holiday shopping.

There are of course a lot of other ways to secure more bookings next time you hold a direct sales party. Try brainstorming for a bit and you are sure to come up with plenty of other ideas to get more bookings.
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