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Keep Their Hands Warm in Inclement Weather With Promotional Gloves

Aug 1, 2008
There is probably nothing worse than your hands being cold during inclement weather like rain or snow. If your hands are cold, then you can probably be guaranteed that your customers and employees hands are pretty cold as well. One great promotional item that you can purchase this year to show them that you care is gloves sporting the logo of your company.

Gloves come in all different styles to fit all sorts of hands. The one size fits all 'miracle gloves' are made of stretchy material that expands when the employees slip them onto their hands. Leather driving gloves are also very nice and provide customers and employees with a good palm surface for gripping the steering wheel while protecting the hands from the cold.

A good pair of high quality gloves can be purchased for a fairly good price and when you promotional items in bulk, you can usually get a very good discount. Because your customers and employees are all different, it is advisable to look into gloves in all sizes so that they can get a good fit for their hands. With the winter weather only half a year away, you will want to go ahead and think about ordering your promotional gloves now. By ordering them as soon as possible, you have enough time to ensure that your logo is embroidered on the properly and that you get them back in enough time to give them out before the weather turns cold.

Gloves are always a great promotional gift for your customers and employees. How many times have you left the house without your own pair? With a pair of promotional gloves given to your employees or customers, they can be assured that their hands will stay warm all the time. Whether they leave them in their vehicle as a backup set or wear them all the time, the idea behind giving someone a pair of gloves to keep their hands warm and dry really is an appreciative one.

We may all joke and cringe over the gift of gloves as being cliché, but they are a great way to promote your company. People will see employees and customers wearing them and ask about them. This form of marketing could be very useful for you as you may provide a service someone else needs that they have not yet fulfilled. How did this new customer come about? A pair of promotional gloves sporting your company logo.

Because gloves come in such a wide array of options, try to choose ones that will stand up to the abuse of harsh weather such as cold, snow, and rain. Choose your gloves in a color that will allow your logo to stand out and be seen, but also compliments your employees and customers basic attire. Black, tan, brown, and blue usually go well with any color in a company logo. And, make sure you order enough to have some on hand when a potential customer knocks on your door. They may not have their gloves with them and every time they look at the pair with your logo on them, they will remember you.
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Miles Lovegrove is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional Gloves and Branded Gloves at www.fluidbranding.com. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit www.ecoincentives.com
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