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Ways for Teens To Make Money on the Internet

Aug 1, 2008
Now that the year is half over and summer is here, many parents are thinking about finding summer jobs for teenagers. When I was a teenager my Mom made me get some jobs I didn't really want. I would have preferred playing all day and enjoy my summer but she insisted that I needed to learn some responsibility and make some money. I remember working in a cafeteria for a while and also working in some office filing stuff all day and pretty much being extremely bored.

If I were any age between 13 and 18, I would start learning all I could about Internet marketing right now. Kids pick this stuff up real easy anyway and before you know it you will be learning all sorts of stuff that will help you down the road. Some of the best Internet marketers making the most money are "kids" under 25 who have seemingly been learning and doing this their whole life.

Anyone can get started making money on the Internet including kids. Starting a Blogger blog is free and you can have as many of them as you like. If I had started just 5 years ago, I would probably now have:

1) Over 200 free Blogger blogs on 200 different subjects (niches). Each one of these blogs would be potentially earning me a little bit every day.

2) I would also have some paid websites where I have to pay for hosting monthly. The advantage of this is that they are totally mine and are not at the mercy of Blogger. These would also each be about a different niche topic.

3) I would have over 200 Squidoo lenses which are free. Each of my Squidoo lenses would either be about one of my niche blogs and serve to get some links and traffic to that blog or it would be about an affiliate product that I could make money from if someone where to purchase it through my link.

4) I would undoubtedly have other "online assets" that I don't know about yet. I have only been doing this for a year and so with five years under my belt I would know a lot more than I do today.

I started article talking about summer jobs for teenagers and how so many teens are lookng for jobs right now. If you start learning and building blogs and websites today, you might not need that summer job down the road. Working for yourself and making money on your own is empowering and a great confidence booster. I wish I had the chance to start this when I was young!
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