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Aug 1, 2008
The key to making money online is being able to generate targeted traffic to your money making sites. The hope is that these visitors will click on your ads and convert. Internet marketers generate this traffic in different ways. Two popular methods are pay per click traffic and SEO for free organic traffic. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the art of improving your site's rank in search engines to drive more traffic to your site. SEO can earn rankings that can generate thousands of visitors a day. The best part of search engine traffic is that it is free. Of course, SEO and link building requires time and money, but your listings do not fall off instantly like PPC ads do when you stop paying out the money.

Google is the most important search engine because it receives about 60% of the internet's search traffic. Since Google is so important, most internet marketers work hard to improve their rankings in Google. Keyword research tools can be used to estimate how much traffic you can expect from a certain keyword. The top ranked site gets the bulk of the traffic and the percentage each site in the SERPS receives reduces for sites ranked further down the list.

The key to search engine rankings is link building. Google, and many other search engines, use links as an indicator of a site's topic and importance. Building links will move your site up rankings and help your site generate more traffic. Link building is the most time consuming task done in SEO. Internet Marketers will go to great lengths to build links. It is important to keep your link building activities ethical though. Unethical SEO's take part in black hat SEO, which can result in a ban from search engines. It is important to investigate the proper ways to promote your site before you begin building links.

The reason search engine traffic is so important is because it is highly targeted. A visitor arriving at your site from a search engine is actively looking for sites on a particular subject. Your site can provide the solution for the visitor in the form of an advertisement. If your traffic is targeted, you will have higher conversions rates. A site can make a solid income by bringing in highly targeted traffic. Anyone interested in making money on the internet should consider investing time in optimizing their site for search engines. It will not only increase your traffic, but will generate targeted traffic. This will convert into money for the site owner.
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