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First step in marketing on the internet

Aug 1, 2008
Some of the people that are making money doing this are not millionaires by a long shot, but when you make two hundred fifty thousand every year or, I think that is great comfortable living. Don't get suckered into becoming a instant billionaire, if you make that much money a month (ten thousand a month or more), trust me, you are living a great life.

In the long run, you'll be better off than the rest of the people who just dove in. I dove in 5 years ago, which was great, but if I had enough common sense to learn from someone, I would have probably gotten their faster, but you know what? It doesn't matter because everyone learns at their own pace. So don't be sad if you are not getting enough traffic or what not.

I say that all you have to do is offer something unique to the world. You know how you keep hearing when you talk to search engine optimizers and webmasters, they are always talking about "Unique Content"? That is all their is to it! Offer something new to the world and you will be a star on the internet.

So the first step is definitely to offer something that is not already there. Or offer a better version of what already exists. Their are so many products and services on the internet that do just that. All they did was do what was already happening a little faster than the rest and off you go.

Just like in any business or any great thing that you are going to start, always know that if the base isn't strong, everything will go wrong. What I mean is your base or the foundation that you are going to lay for your business should be solid. It's all about the basics and same goes with starting an internet business. If you can't get that, that you'll have a real hard time. I'd like to share a personal story here on how I beat around the bush for so long and all I had to do was lay the foundation properly.
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