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The Awesome Power Of SEO

Aug 1, 2008
What do Yahoo, MSN Live, Google, and every search engine have in common? They answer is, they love unique content and will eat it alive! Search engines like Google and Yahoo like websites that always have unique content and that are continually being updated and added to. Creating original content with help you achieve the high rankings that you are trying to get in the natural search listings. This is a rule that should be followed if you are doing your own SEO or if you are hiring someone to optimize your website for you.

Another huge factor in determining your search engine ranking is off page content and links pointing back to your website. This takes a lot of the control of your website's performance away from you. An SEO's job is to find keyword that you company can rank for, while getting the traffic that will convert to sales for you. An SEO will find those keyword and optimize your website for them. They will do this through a variety of methods including changing some things on your web pages and through link building.

Link building is the process of creating inbound links to your website. The link building methods that work the best are those that look natural to the search engines. The most popular way to do this today is by creating and publishing SEO optimized articles and submit them to article directories.

Not all articles created for the intent of boosting your search engine rankings are equally effective for link building. Companies go way wrong when they insert useless links into stolen or free content that is taken from websites that have no page rank and are practically obsolete. Other companies hire individuals to write articles for them who have no grasp on the English language or no background of SEO. Most of the time, these types of articles are nigh impossible to read or understand.

The number one reason search engines exist is to seek out useful, relative content and deliver it to the individual look for information about a certain topic. Unoriginal, copied content never makes it high in the search engine results. This is a key factor and concern when it comes to SEO.

You must always remember that when trying to boost your search engine rankings, content is king! To ensure that you are getting the most efficient work from your SEO, you wan to look for the one who will get you the highest quality of content, or risk wasting your time and your money.
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Bart Icles is a Utah SEO specialist. He works for ioVentures, who provides Utah SEO Services to small and large businesses. You can also visit their Internet Marketing Blog for SEO tips and internet marketing techniques to help you business.
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