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Your Bed and Your Back should Get Along

Aug 1, 2008
Mattresses and pillows are the main topics people have the most trouble with. generally speaking, firmer is better for people who sleep on their sides, not on their bellies. A body pillow that is long provides more stability for your shoulder area. You may as well bite the bullet and purchase from a department store, discount stores are not high quality.


Traditional Style

Spring and coil based beds are difficult to purchase because the manufacturers play games with names and models to keep the consumer from making an informed decision. Some have complained to me that they are not even sure they are getting what they paid for. In this type you may make a better choice by asking questions about the components of the beds. The number of coils on the bed size you have chosen, the gauge of the steel in the coils will reflect firmness, layers of padding.

Foam Mattresses

The main issue with this type is the fact that they can be quite heat producing and if you tend to be hot in your sleep you may find this a negative. People tend to sink into it and some have difficulty maneuvering around or out.

Air based

I have not gotten clear reviews on these types. Two complaints I have heard are the problem of two people of different sizes not working well. There is an issue with noise as well.

Rubber latex

Yes folks latex rubber is my favorite. These are well known in Europe but I have been an advocate here. I find them to be firm enough and have a bit of that memory foam feel without the sinking in and heat issues. Not much more expensive than a high end traditional mattress.

Types of Pillows

Sometimes choosing the right pillow is more difficult than the bed decision. I most definitely do not like the pillows that dip in the middle or are called orthopedic. This is especially true for people who sleep on their side. When looking for a pillow at a store, look for one that is firm and will fill the space in your neck between your head and shoulders. There are companies who specialize in customized pillows, that are no more expensive than normal pillows.
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Dr. David Fishkin, DC, MPH is one of the foremost Maryland chiropractors with a focus on alternative to back surgery. Visit his site at www.centerforlowbackpain.com
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