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The Single Mother Business Person

Aug 1, 2008
The business person is considered a doer first. The business person does then if all goes well, reaps rewards from her efforts. Just about any single mother has what it takes to be a business person. Look at all the work they take on outside of the day job. But what else does it take to be a single mother business person?

To be a successful business person you must reprogram your thinking. You will no longer be working like an employee expecting to receive dollars for hours. Let's not confuse business person with a person that starts their own business only to work long hours, for themselves, at the same "job" they had as an employee. This is called a self employed person, a person that works for himself.

The business person's way of life may not suit you. If you are unmotivated and unwilling to learn new ways of thinking about time and finances you'd be better off with a day job. However, as a single mother, I bet that you think you can do it, and you're right. Many a single mother have built successful businesses that keep working, paying out, even if they go on vacation for a year.

A business person gets to keep using their brain. This is great for a single mother who is constantly exposed to The Cat in the Hat, ten times a day. It is necessary to learn and practice new skills. People skills are required. If you want to start your own company you will need to learn how to get along with most adult people (that sometimes act like children). Books are available to learn about and improve basic people skills. These books often contain personality assessments so you can learn access people's behavior quickly in a given situation. Knowing this can help you to determine the best way to interact with them.

Learning about people also enables you to learn more about yourself. Make sure to take any self assessment tests to figure out your own personality type. It could be that you are your own worst enemy at times. Learn how to manage yourself. Your personal success will improve dramatically.

Learn by doing. Being a business person is not as easy as going to school, getting a degree then getting a job. Write down your plan. Find people who have been through a similar experience. If they are willing to help you, you've found a goldmine of mentoring. Perhaps you have something to offer in return or just find and hire a personal business coach. The key is to find a good mentor.

Get a job to learn a particular skill if you have to. Do it just long enough to learn what you need. The pay is not that important because what you gain in knowledge is worth more than the paycheck. Perhaps you can leverage your existing knowledge into you new business. Just don't get caught up in doing it all yourself. You need to get the work done, but not necessarily all by you.

A business person's main goal is to create a fully functioning system that works without their constant involvement. Enjoying the process is also important. Focus your goal on building an asset that generates income for you even after you have stopped working at it. You kids will be proud of you.

Business people's successes are vast. Single mothers have really creative ideas because they have to deal with real problems that need to be solved. The only limit to personal success is your imagination, determination and effort. You really need to think beyond what was taught to you in school. Most education programs are highly deficient in any kind of financial training. So use your brain and it will grow. When you think new thoughts your brain builds new neural pathways, at any age.

If you are not interested in reinventing the wheel, but have lots of determination and drive you can still achieve success. Choose a program that already exists. These programs are set up to generate wealth (time and money). They are already systematized and you can make them work for you by following your mentor's training. If you have a vision, plenty of determination and staying power you are a great candidate for a self made single mother business person.
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