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Fitness Kits as Promotional Tools: The Healthy Way to Promote Your Company

Aug 1, 2008
In the health-conscious era that we now live in, the use of branded fitness kits as a way to promote an organisation is becoming ever more popular. As well as the benefits of promoting your brand, you give your company the image of an organization that is concerned about the health and well-being of its customers and employees. Fitness kits come in many shapes and sizes, from branded water bottles and towels, to exercise items jump ropes, pedometers, and handle grips.

Typically these branded items will come in a draw-string bag which can bear the logo of your company. The individual items can also be branded with your logo, maintaining the recipient's exposure to your brand even if the bag is lost. If your promotional fitness kit contains multiple items, then you have multiple opportunities to promote your brand amongst each recipient.

In some places you can choose the color and make-up of the items in your fitness kit, and you can offer different combinations of items as a choice to your customer. In this way, they can choose the kit that has the items that they will be most likely to use, and your investment in these items has a lower chance of being wasted.

The health benefits of a promotional fitness kit will give your company a modern image - the image of a company that shares the concerns of today about health and the rising problem of obesity. This involvement in the care of others will give your organization's reputation a huge boost, as an organisation that promotes healthy exercise and activity.

The type of branded fitness kit you choose will affect the response you get from your target market. People do find the cheaper fitness kits useful, such as branded water bottles, towels, and so on. These are relatively inexpensive and can be produced on a mass scale. Such items are fairly durable and reusable, and the potential for extended use makes them a popular gift amongst recipients.

Fitness kits that include exercise items, such as jump ropes and pedometers. Ranges also include exercise steps, handle grips and weights. These tend to be more expensive fitness kits, but these items will be perceived as being "higher end" and will generate a better response from your target market. Items like this will really improve your image and will place you head and shoulders above other organisations. Thousands are spent by many companies on balloons, pens, and other such items that are lost or broken quickly. Exercise items like these in a branded fitness kit will be kept and used time and time again, and will be appreciated and valued by your customers. Spending a little extra on items like this will give your company the image of one that is committed to helping tackle the problem of obesity and inactivity in modern society. It goes without saying that a reputation like this will reap its benefits, especially with the potential to advertise this fact amongst the local media and your clients.
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Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional Fitness Sets and Branded Fitness Sets at www.fluidbranding.com. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit www.ecoincentives.com
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