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Promotional Chopping Boards Are a Cut Above Other Marketing Techniques

Aug 1, 2008
There is a household item that a lot of companies are putting their company logos and names on. This is an item that almost every household has, and something that is used almost daily. The promotional item that I am talking about is printed cutting boards.

Printed cutting boards are a good promotional item, and we'll go over the reasons why.

1. They are something useful

Promotional items have to be useful in order to be effective. When a company is choosing a promotional item, they want to know that it's going to be seen. People will use printed cutting boards when they are preparing dinner.

2. They are an unusual item

Not too many companies use printed cutting boards to promote their business, so when a company uses printed cutting boards it stands out among the rest. When you are in the business world, you want to be seen and to be noticed.

3. Cooks will love them

There aren't a lot of promotional items that are made for people who enjoy cooking, so when a company offers printed cutting boards, they are going to really jump at the chance to get one.

There are quite a few ways that promotional cutting boards can be used to market a company.

1. Conventions

Because you can reach so many people at once, conventions are one of the best places to market your products and services with promotional items. You can reach out to a large number of people and get the word out about your business and your services at once.

2. Employee gifts

Promotional cutting boards are an item that is perfect for giving out to employees as a holiday gift or any other type of gift. They will be seen by their guests and used almost every day. If you put the cutting board together with promotional knives, they can make a very nice gift set.

3. Client gifts

You can also give them to clients. When you combine a promotional cutting board with a nice set of knives, it makes a really nice gift set and will show the client how much you appreciate them and their business.

4. Company events

If you are having a company sponsored event for the community, you can display your promotional cutting boards while you are cutting up the meat or chicken if you are having a picnic.

Promotional cutting boards are a great item for companies to put their names on and to use for promoting their products and services. They are an item that people are going to use and they can be given out in quite a few different ways - conventions, gifts for clients and employees, and company events.

When your company uses printed cutting boards to promote the things that you offer, you are doing something different than other companies are doing. You are doing something that makes you a 'cut' above the reset, and people are going to remember you for that. Promotional cutting boards are cutting age advertising.
About the Author
Matt Franks is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional Chopping Boards and other Promotional Products at www.fluidbranding.com. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit www.ecoincentives.com
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