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Effective Ways Of Transferring Domains

Aug 1, 2008
In the modern times conducting business on the internet has become a common practice. Why is it so? It has become a common practice as a person can earn money without any hassle of going to the office or employing a large staff to manage the different departments related to the business.

On the internet it is possible to manage a flourishing business at a lower cost and get more customers as you can reach out to the people who are outside your local area. You can also reach to people outside your country.

How is that possible? It has been made possible by launching a website which can be visited by all the people who have access to the internet. This is called globalization of the world market. What about businessmen who already have a domain with a website hosting company? Is it possible for them to transfer their domain from one company to another? Yes, it is possible to transfer your domain from one web hosting company to another. What are the effective ways of transferring domains?

Ideal procedure of Transferring Domains

Why do you want to transfer your domain? Are you dissatisfied with the services provide by your present web hosting company or is it just because you have been bombarded with the information that transferring the domain will give you more business opportunities? If you are dissatisfied with the services of the hosting company or you feel that you are paying more than the services you are getting then it is better to transfer your domain to another web hosting company. What is the ideal procedure of transferring the domain?

First of all when you opt for a transfer do not change the name of your domain but use the same domain name to transfer to the new web hosting server. After the new web hosting server starts working use a spare domain name to park at the new server. What happens if there is no spare domain name?

Do not worry if you do not have a spare domain name, you can easily create a spare domain and register it at nominal charges. What to do after that? After the registration of the new domain name is complete check by browsing through the web whether your parked domain name is activated or not? Then ensure that all the routine sites placed for interaction are actively working.

Once you have ensured that the system is working properly and you are receiving all the email in time then you should make a change by using a pointer from the old domain name to the new domain name system which gives an indication that you have changed your server.

While doing this keep one important point in mind. What is that? Include some new point or marker which will help you to differentiate between the old and the new domain. Why is that necessary? It is necessary because it will help you to sort the emails easily that are whether the emails are from the new or the old domain?

Set up your new email ISP account so that all the emails, whether from the old domain or the new can be received in your ISP mail box and you do not miss out on any new or old clientele. When everything starts functioning normally in the new domain, close the old account within a week with your old hosting company.
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