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Promotional Ponchos Bring Companies Through the Rain

Aug 1, 2008
For everyone who has ever been caught in a rainstorm, whether they are at an outdoor sporting event, shopping at the beach, or any other time when you have been caught in the rain, they know how useful a poncho can be. That is one reason why so many companies are offering promotional ponchos.

Let's take a look at why printed ponchos are a good idea for companies.

1. They are useful

Personalized ponchos are a great item for companies to use for promotional purposes because they are something that are useful. It's important to offer people an item that is useful because that means that the company's logo and name will be seen on it. The more that someone uses a promotional product, the more advertising the company will get.

2. They are something that everyone can use

Unlike a lot of items that are only for adults or men, promotional ponchos are something that everyone can use. For someone that has ever been out in the rain with kids and have had them getting soaking wet, you know how important having a poncho can be.

3. There are different types of printed ponchos

Instead of there just being one type of poncho that you can choose, there are plenty of different types of personalized ponchos that you can choose from. There are ponchos that are also a waistbag, that come in a container, that are a four in one blanket, poncho, backpack and seat cushion, and that are just plain ponchos.

As well as having a few reasons why they make a good promotional item, personalized ponchos also are a great item to give out to people in a few different situations.

1. Conventions

You never know what the weather might be like at a convention, so you can give out some of the less expensive promotional ponchos at a convention. Take some for adults and some for kids, because you never know when there will be younger 'clients' there.

2. Company events

Printed ponchos are a great item to give out at company events, like picnics, especially if they are outside. You never know when there might be a sudden cloudburst and if everyone has a corporate poncho they will stay dry.

3. Employees and clients

For the nicer promotional ponchos, they make really great gifts for employees and clients. They can be an item to thank a client for their business or they can be given to employees for their years of service.

Promotional ponchos can be an item that will really give people something that they can use. They are an item that makes a good promotional item for several reasons, and they are a great item to give out several places.

When a company is looking for the perfect promotional item, they should look into promotional ponchos. They are an item that covers the person wearing them and the company's advertising all at once. Promotional ponchos are the item that companies look to for advertising their business.
About the Author
Miles Lovegrove is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional Ponchos and Branded Ponchos at www.fluidbranding.com. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit www.ecoincentives.com
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