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Get PayPal Cash from Internet Surveys

Aug 1, 2008
As I'm sure you know it's very easy to make money online with paid surveys. However you may not know that you can get paid through Paypal. While many of the survey companies use points and redemption systems and pay via check a lot of them are now paying through Paypal making it even easier to get your money from online paid surveys.

If it's your idea to find paid online surveys that pay thorough Paypal be ready to do some research. While the option to get paid through Paypal is available it's not always easy to find the companies paying this way. You may need to settle in front of your keyboard and computer for quite a few hours before finding the right survey websites. Google will help with this, but you'll still need to wade through loads of sites before you find the perfect ones.

An easier alternative is to pay for the information though it's not something I would do. There are sites that sell access to a database of survey opportunities and they will spell out the ones that pay via Paypal. In short, they do the research and ask you to pay them to get the information.

If you do choose to go this route make sure you choose a company that provides a solid money back guarantee. The cost of membership at most of these sites is around $40 and you can probably make that back within the first week of taking surveys. If you don't want to pay for this information there are also survey websites that provide the information for free, however they may be a bit harder to find.

As you would imagine, the more companies you register with the greater your chances of finding the ones that pay you via Paypal so it's in your best interests to register with as many survey sites as possible. You'll also find other ways to make money with paid surveys along the way, so keep your eyes open.

Finding internet surveys sites that pay via Paypal can be challenging, however it can be very rewarding once you've got them found. Basically you have two options. You can become the paid surveys expert yourself and do all the research to make find all the ins and outs of the online paid survey industry. Or you can find a site that offers all the paid survey information for you. Either way you'll eventually be able to find the free online paid survey site that fits your needs.
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The author is a paid surveys expert and has been taking paid surveys and instructing others how to get paid for surveys for over a year. To get over 300 paid survey sites for free, visit his paid survey site. You'll be glad you did.
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