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Make More Waiter Tips

Aug 1, 2008
Many in the restaurant business will tell you that they heavily depend upon their waiter tips. This is the money that guests leave them for the quality of their service. In most instances the better service you provide the more money you are going to earn in this line of work. An extra dollar or two from each of the tables you serve will really add up at the end of the night.

To earn more waiter tips you need to be very sincere in your efforts. Your body language can say a great deal about how you feel in your role. It can be uncomfortable for the guests when they feel their waiter really doesn't want to be there. All of your efforts need to be sincere as well. Don't doubt that customers can pick up on fake enthusiasm as well.

It can take time for you to begin to earn more waiter tips but keep working on it. As you get more comfortable with your job you will learn ways to keep everyone happy. For example a nice greeting along with a smile when you first approach the table goes a long way. Being informed about specials and other menu choices is important as well. It will help you provide accurate information to your guests.

Pay attention to what is going on at their table as well. This way you can clear items out of their way, refill drinks before they are completely empty, and provide napkins and other items that will make their meal more enjoyable. Pampering each guest you serve is definitely going to result in more waiter tips coming your way.

If you do get any complaints from customers then listen to what is being said. You can learn additional skills this way too. For example some waiters are too quiet so they come across as being uninterested in those they serve. By working on opening up their communications though they will find they get more waiter tips.

This type of job can be very convenient and fit well into any schedule. It is also an opportunity for you to make some money. In addition to your regular paycheck you will get waiter tips. It is up to you if they are going to be minimal or very good. Work hard to make sure you get the best possible tips from each table.

It is important to realize though that not everyone is a good tipper. You may provide excellent service and someone will only leave you a couple of dollars. Some people go by a set percentage of the price of their meals too. Keep in mind that customers don't have to leave tips. Some of them won't so to offset this you need to do your very best.

In general, most people that do go out to eat will base the amount of money they leave upon the quality of the service. So if you are doing very well you won't have any problem going home with a pocket full of waiter tips at the end of each shift.
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