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Are You Ready to Operate a Bed and Breakfast?

Aug 1, 2008
There is more to being able to operate a bed and breakfast than just offering rooms and food. You have to be willing to meet the needs of each of your guests. They will be expecting some very personal service. If you can't give it to them they won't be coming back. They also won't leave very good reviews about your business online or with those they speak to.

That can result in your bed and breakfast having a for sale sign in front of it down the line. That isn't what you envisioned when you make the decision to operate a bed and breakfast though. The reality of it is that you can't make money if you aren't keeping guests happy.

Behind the scenes, there is quite a bit going on when you operate a bed and breakfast. You will need to have a good system for reservations. This way you don't overbook the rooms. You will always know what you have readily available. You need to focus on advertising too so you can continue to spread the word about what you have to offer.

There are supplies to purchase, routine maintenance, and bills associated with the business to cover. Of course you may find there is just too much for you to do all on your own. Therefore you will want to consider hiring some very talented individuals to help you get it all done.

You won't be filling up the rooms night after night if people aren't getting information that encourages them to make a reservation. Before you leap into the role of one that does operate a bed and breakfast, ask yourself what you would like to get out of it. Why is operating this type of business so important to you?

Among your answers should be the desire to work with other people. A bed and breakfast is a very service oriented type of business. It isn't enough to have a great looking place to offer. You have to be sincere in your efforts to make everyone feel at home there. Since the needs of each guest will be different you can't use a cookie cutter approach. Instead you have to customize the plans to suite their needs.

It can be a full time job to do so in the beginning so be prepared for that. As time goes on though you should find you can work less and enjoy more rewards from the business. As the word spreads about what you offer you will find you have more requests for rooms than you can accommodate.

Make sure you have all the basics covered when you operate a bed and breakfast. Remember that guests have quite a few choices when it comes to where they will stay. You want to make sure your business is the first one they consider each time they are coming into town. Do your best to stand taller than the competition around you including the various hotels in the area.
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