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7 Systems For Internet Home Based Business Ideas Success

Aug 2, 2008
Actually I recommend that you will do tests regularly, because they bring a good results, when you have learnt the basic systems.

1. How Do You Know If Your Site Would Sell More?

Website visitors like changes and new things. That is the life blood of marketing. Website changes can be utilized also so that they are at the same time tests of new tricks.

You can find a dramatic sales increase of hundreds of procentages by testing different headlines, positions and products on your website.

2.Tests Will Reveal, Which Systems Do Not Add Sales.

Of course all new items on the website are not success stories, some are failures. But the failures teach also, they teach us, what systems we must avoid with our internet home business ideas. That is as important as to find out those, which work well.

3. How To Track The Tests Of New Internet Home Business Ideas?

First, you must have an effective tracking software in place to be able to recognize the changes. I recommend Google Analytics, which is free, effective and very easy to set up.

But what stats you should track? To start with, the amount of the unique visitors is the most important figure, because that tells us the amount of new people, who have visited our site.

Another figure is the conversion rate, i.e. how many of the unique visitors have bought some of our products. Now this figure will tell you much closely, how your website works, i.e. is the traffic targeted and if it is, how many of them has bought something.

4. How To Track The Influences Of The Changes?

The idea of the tests is to compare the influence of one change with the earlier situation. This requires that you run the test exactly during the same time. Because the traffic changes all the time, the key figure to follow is the conversion rate.

I recommend that you should do only one change a month and that you will monitor the influences during one month or during at least 1000 unique visitors. Okay, if you notice a huge move to a negative direction, then it is no point to wait the whole month, but to make the corrections immediately.

5.Be Patient With The Marketing Of Your Internet Home Business Ideas.

Small internet business, like we all have, gets the traffic relatively slowly, I mean that the weekly or monthly changes in traffic can be big ones. This means that the tracking period should be long enough and the site owner must have the patience to think thoroughly before doing any changes.

6.If You Go Backwards, Just Return The Earlier Situation.

As I mentioned above, not all changes will lead to better results, actually many tests will lead to a worse situation. In these cases, it is clear that the test has digged ways, which we can avoid in the future.

7.Testing Is An Important And Regular Part Of The Marketing Of The Internet Home Business Ideas.

When you are used with the testing system, it can become a regular part of your marketing, which can bring strong profit increases every month. As a certain side effect, your website visitors will see that your site has new things every month, which is a reason to visit again.

When you test regularly, it will teach you effectively. Your touch about which works and which do not, increases and this will improve your sales results dramatically.
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Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. Succeed With Regular Tests! Testing Is The Way To Find Out Working Systems. Find More From My Internet Home Business Ideas Site.
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