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Another Link: Can You Feel The Love?

Aug 2, 2008
It seems that White Hat SEO's feel that getting links to your site in any fashion other than writing content and hoping someone links to it is wrong. And will go even further and say that depending on how you're writing the content it could also be incorrect. A couple things come to mind;

1. If you want to compete online, you've got to get out of the box.
2. Links send traffic and in some cases more than you can get from the search engines.
3. Google is only one place to get traffic.

A couple quick and easy ways of getting links:

Link Trading - One method that still works is the process of trading links. I'll give you a link and you give me a link. There are many webmasters who feel this process no longer works but I have yet to see any proof. And even if Google stops giving me credit for the links, I'll still take the traffic. However I want my link surrounded by content and not on a link exchange page.

Two Quick free links - aboutus.org and wiki directory.

Referrer Spamming - You can use software, but keep in mind that you are using other people's bandwidth, so be nice. A lot of people do not hide their stats and those stats are spidered by the search engines any site sending traffic to them gets a free link. The program makes it look like you're sending traffic, so you show up in their stats.

Unlimited free .edu and .gov links - I'm guessing that everyone knows that .gov sites carry a little extra weight in Google. If we go to Google and do a search for site:.gov blog we will get a list of all the .gov blogs. [Alternative queries: 'blog' 'blogs' 'wordpress' 'comment' 'guestbook']
From there we just start leaving good relevant comments on as many blogs as we can. Or we can do it like this
Google query: site:.edu *your niche* + blog
For example: site:.edu internet marketing blog

Edu Guestbook's - A lot of people are going to say that guestbook spamming no longer works. And they could be correct, my only question is why do they still show for backlinks?
Finding EDU Guestbook's like

Could help boost you in the search engines as well as send a little traffic your way.

RSS Feed Directories - Use blog RSS feeds and pinging tools to submit your feeds.
* Feedest.com
* Postami.com
* 2RSS.com
* FeedsFarm.com
* RssFeeds.com
* Feeds4all.com
* Plazoo.com
* FeedBomb.com
* Page2go2.com
* Feedooyoo.com
* RSSmicro.com
* FeedFury.com
* Octora.com
* FindRSS.net
* FeedBase.net
* RSSmotron.com
* MoreNews.be
* DayTimeNews.com
* Rss-Feeds-Submission.com
* MillionRSS.com
* Yahoo RSS Guide
* MySpace.com News
* ReadABlog.com
* GoldenFeed.com
* BlogDigger.com
* RSSFeeds.com
* feed24.com
* Findory.com
* WeBlogAlot.com
* FeedBoy.com
* Chordata.info
* BlogPulse.com
* DayPop.com
* IceRocket.com
* Memigo.com
* Syndic8.com
* RSS-Network.com
* Feed-Directory.com
* Jordomedia.com
* Newgie.com
* Feeds2read.net
* NewzAlert.com
* Feedcycle.com
* Bloogz.com
* FeedShark.BrainBliss.com
* FeedPlex.com
* RocketInfo.com

Commenthunt - You can use http://www.commenthunt.com to find blogs that do not use the nofollow tag.

Flickr Spamming - Flickr allows comments on photos taken by other people, pick suitable pics about your niche and simply write a comment saying something smart like can I use this picture on my blog here, and then drop your link.

Article Submission - Write articles and use software that mass submits to a ton of article directories, this builds fast backlinks as well as can get you a ton of good traffic.
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