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Is Blog Software Everything it is Cracked up to be?

Aug 2, 2008
There is no denying the popularity of blogging or its potential to help bring communities together, draw on collective experiences, and enhances business operations. Blogging software has hit the market by storm, and many bloggers are providing feedback on the blogging software. The problem is, the feedback is coming in with some heavily mixed reviews and that can make it very difficult to know which blogging software is the best choice for either personal or business use.

Blogging software is naturally designed to enhance the blogging experience. Since its inception, blogging has allowed people from all over the world to come together for common causes, thoughts, ideals, and business ventures all with the tap of the keys and a few clicks of the mouse. Blogs are now more popular than email and instant messaging.

Making a decision about blogging software starts with making a firm decision about why you want to get into blogging and what you expect to accomplish with the process. If you are using it for personal use, business growth, or political involvement, your needs or desires may be different from those who are using blogging software for other purposes. Blogging has become so popular and is so effective that numerous companies are now putting out their own versions of blogging software hoping to get in front of the trend, make a strong name for their software, and of course reap the financial benefits of such marketing.

Not everyone will be on board with the notion of using blogging software, and of course those with a particular interest in design and web creations believe that the implementation of someone else"s blogging software is nothing less than laughable. However, if you are not quite so savvy when it comes to such things, you may find that the use of blogging software is more appropriate. Blogging software has been created to simplify the process of getting started in the world of blogging, and sometimes simplicity is what it is all about. The time investment of creating your own blog site isn"t worth it if you aren"t getting either financial or personal enjoyment out of the process.

The option of hosted services is still a strong contender when choosing whether or not to go with blogging software. Hosted service generally offer packages that include a blogging template and several other amenities as well as ease of start up and ease of maintenance. For many people, the nominal fees associated with hosted services are worth it since there aren"t many details that are left unto the user. You can still design your own personal details and create your own personalized blog page without having to hire a designer or do it yourself.

Self hosted systems may offer some advantages for those who either are in need of purchasing their own or who already have their own hosting system. This is typical for larger businesses and rare for the individual, although many businesses have yet to hire full time computer analysts to help determine the most appropriate needs for their business. Self hosted system may or may not have a fee attached for some of the most basic of uses, and some will allow for instant installation. However, it is not a safe assumption to believe that all self hosted systems are the same or stand up to the same criteria.

Blogging software is still the first pick for most businesses and individuals who are serious about providing a strong and impressive blog site. If you aren"t quite sure, there are some that offer free trials and offer tutorials to help you decide. Thus, your blogging software choice can meet your needs without costing you a fortune for enhancements or capabilities that you simply don"t need.
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