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Secrets of Site Submission - The Road to Effective Advertising

Aug 2, 2008
When you have created an internet business, you may wonder how to bring people to your site without spending huge amounts on advertising. A prime method is to rely on site submission.

Whether you use site submission as the only form of advertisement for your web site and the products or services which you provide, or submitting your web site to one or more of the many search engines, you can be certain that this will help to make your advertising resources go much further they would otherwise reach. This is an inexpensive method to get your site noticed by the most possible people. And, even more exciting is that the people reached are generally targeted so they will come to your web site already predisposed to buy.

Reaching the masses

It is true that the more people that you reach with information about your business or organization, the more likelihood there is that your sales will increase. Unless you have a fairly defined niche market, it generally follows that more views equals more sales. So if you want to increase the number of people viewing your URL or contact information, one of the best ways is by using the concept of site submission. You send the information about your web address to the search engine and it is used to index your site so that it shows up in response to query terms.

Reaching targeted audiences

Targeted audiences are those that already have an interest or connection to the product or service that you are marketing. You can make good use of the site submission techniques to reach these potential customers efficiently. Because your web page is indexed by the search engines, it is more likely to be returned as the answer to a query from a web questioner. Since the questioner is looking for your product you don't have to convince them in the same way that would be required for reaching a non-targeted customer.


Site submission as an advertising method is very economical. There are services that will submit your web site to many of the search engines at a very low cost. Since the process can often be automated, it doesn't require the manual entries that are so time consuming. There is even relatively inexpensive software that performs the task of notifying the search engines of your web URL. There are companies that make a business of submitting websites to the search engines and again, the rates for these services are quite reasonable, and even more so when you consider the return on investment.


Site submission is such an effective advertising method. You simply put the effort into the initial desire of your web page so that it as attractive and interesting as you know how to make it. Then you submit the address to the search engines. From there on, the search engines do the job for you automatically. Your advertising works 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You don't have to wait for a printer to set up your advertising in the daily newspaper. Your advertising is built right into your web site. Furthermore, you need never renew your advertisement. So long as your website is growing and changing, the search engine will keep up with the changes.
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