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Recession Obsession

Aug 2, 2008
All I hear about is how the US is in a recession and the repeating of some poll that shows 45% of Americans believe they are in a recession.

Even though 95% of homeowners are indeed paying their mortgages on time, Americans believe America is spiraling downwards. Despite all the doom and gloom, America is not in a recession. But just in case you thought you were I'll give you some ideas for making money online.

Here's the first one.

Lets get started by creating a MySpace page and posting some pictures of a nice looking girl that we've found some where on the internet.

We can use the search feature and start making friends in the same area as our newly found chick. The idea is to find some guy friends that live close by. While we are doing this we can also start finding offers for sale phones or some of service that will pay us every time someone signs up.

Once we've found our guys we want to build a little trust factor and try and move them from MySpace over to messenger. This allows us to better control the guys once we ask for the favor. The idea is to tell the guys that so and so is giving away a free something or another and you were wondering if they would mind helping out. All they need to do is go fill out a free form and this will allow you to get the free gift. It cost them nothing other than a couple minutes of their time.

Of course they have no idea that you're getting cash every time some one fills out the free forum. Now, lets pretend that we have 50 different girls in 50 different areas all doing the same thing. We might have to wait a couple weeks before hitting the same guys again but we should have enough to hit while we are waiting to hit on them again.
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