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Aug 2, 2008
I've been in the web design business for 7 years and I've seen a lot of websites that stand out. I can honestly say that I've designed some kickass looking websites but at the end of the day it doesn't matters. At the end of the day it's all about conversion and how well that website converted those visitors into clients.

If you've got a kickass looking website but it's not turning visitors into cash there are a couple things I would look at.

1. Do you have a toll free number in the header on every page?

2. Is the content easy to read?

3. Is there a call to action in the top right corner of the page?

4. Is every page on your site set up as a landing page?

5. Do you have a logo?

6. Is the content written so it is easy to understand?

7. Did you get your website designed by a professional? Good companies might charge slightly more than your friend, but in the long run, the benefits directly affect the conversion ratio.

8. Did you design the ordering process keeping in mind that the average potential customers might have minimal internet skills?

9. Is there a call to action, such as asking to place the order, or sign-up for email should be used at every possible conversion point?

10. Did you make the information about ordering the product is easy to understand and find?

11. Did you place the questions that your visitor might ask in the FAQ section or as small tips during the ordering process?

12. Does your copy instantly connect with the visitor and speak in a personalized and persuasive way?

13. Make your web forms short, sweet and easy to fill. Most importantly, do not ask for unnecessary information.

14. Place endorsements from reputable organizations to build customers trust.

15. Where are the visitors coming from, are you sure they are looking for what you are selling?

16. What colors are you using for your website?

Yes, one of the most interesting things to me is how colors affect the way we think and feel. They affect us whether we are aware of it or not. Some colors affect us more than others but they all have their own individual properties that affect us.

All colors don't affect all people in the same ways, however, there have been extensive studies done that show how colors effect the majority of people in the same ways. As with all rules, there are exceptions, but to ignore the power of colors would be to ignore an essential element of a good website design.

Another extremely important element to colors is not only the properties or emotions each color conjures up in each of us, but also how combinations of colors make people feel. And to further complicate your perfect color selection you also have to be concerned with the fact that people have to be able to read your content or the most beautiful color in the world will be for nothing.
No matter how important you feel the content on your site is, if they can't read it due to bad color selection they will leave in search of another site to serve their needs.
About the Author
Janeth Duque, Specialist in marketing and web site design.

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