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Multi-Level Marketing -- Which One is Right for You?

Aug 2, 2008
Suppose you have a marketing program such as the Lighthouse Marketing System to get you free leads for your network marketing business on the internet but have no clue which multi-level marketing company is the best for you to join.

The following is some advice you need to consider before choosing a network marketing company.
  • Know your skills and interests--If you hate going to Saturday morning MLM meetings but feel that online recruiting is for you, find a sponsor, in a particular MLM company, who can show you how to market yourself on the internet. Find somebody who is practicing the techniques taught in the Lighthouse Marketing System, and not somebody who is just all talk and B.S.
  • Take into account the amount of time you need to devote to your online MLM business--If you want to build a nice income, plan on devoting time after your regular work hours on blogging, setting up PPC advertising, e-mailing, cold calling, mass mailing, etc.
  • Consider the costs involved--How much do you want to spend on Google Adwords per month? How much do you want to spend on mass mailing? How about display advertising in the local newspaper? How much product do you want to buy from your MLM company?
  • Consider the popularity of the network marketing company you have in mind--Trends come and go in business. What may have been a hot network marketing business back in the 90's is not so hot today. Some of you heard of a particular MLM company, whom I will not mention by name, that was big on selling prepaid phone cards in the early 90's, and now they are nonexistent. Try to determine where the economy is going to be and see whether the MLM company you are considering will be obsolescent.
  • Consider if the products are consumable--MLM companies that peddle gold watches or figurines do not have consumable products. Those are the ones to avoid. Companies that sell electricity, shampoo, soap, vitamins, and nutritional supplements peddle consumable products; i.e. products that the customer needs to come back and buy more of.
Once you have found a multi-level marketing company that is consistent with your interests, the amount of time you need to spend, your budget, and your ability to consume its products regularly, you can now get together with your sponsor in that company and get signed up. After that, ask your sponsor or his upline how you can start making money with the MLM company of your choice using the Lighthouse Marketing System.
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Marco Abanico is a leader in the internet and network marketing industries and enjoys writing extensively on internet marketing strategies, network marketing lead generation, and getting free leads for your MLM business.
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