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Keeping Your Name at Hand: Promoting Your Business With Business Card Holders

Aug 2, 2008
If you've ever gone to give someone your card, but instead ended up pulling a handful off lose papers, receipts and crumpled dollar bills out of your pocket or purse, you'll understand immediately how valuable a business card case can be. Similarly, if you've ever gone to look for that business card someone gave you, because you find you now need their information, but been unable to find it amid the scraps of paper cluttering your desk, you'll know that a single location for those cards, or even a stack of your own cards, can be an incredibly helpful gift.

There are many kinds of business card holders, and all of them provide a useful service to your customer or client. Your logo or brand can be displayed prominently not only to your client, but also to his or her client, every time they go to hand out or collect a business card. You have many choices in buying promotional business card holders.

Pocket card holders

Pocket business card holders are carried with your client or customer in their pocket or purse to service two functions. They are there, about half filled with their business cards, for easy access if someone asks for their card. No more fiddling about in their pocket or purse trying to find the ones they know they just put in there yesterday. The same case can serve to gather in one place the cards that others hand to your client. Since this is a fairly common occurrence in the business world, your brand will be in front of them every time that case comes out.

You can get pull-tab holders for your pocket; some of these are quite elegant in black or brown leather. There are also some that look like mini-briefcases; these are often silver plated or stainless steel, and can be elegantly engraved with your logo.

Desktop holders

There are even more choices for desktop business card holder than there are for pocket holders. Desktop card holders are chiefly used by your client to make their cards accessible to their clients, so that someone can just take one off their countertop or desk. If your logo is imprinted on one of these holders, that gives you an marketing audience not only of your clients, but of their clients, too.

Wood card holders with standing cards are an elegant choice to give as a gift, especially since woods goes with any décor. Another beautiful option is the stainless steel holder, which often come with a clock, a pen and pen holder, and an imprint of your brand. Many of these holders are either unusual or particularly elegant.


Another option for you to collect your cards is the business card notebook, which looks much like a photo album, but with plastic sleeves for storing the business cards that your client collects. This way they can just flip through an organized book when they need a new card, but not without their eyes passing over your brand first.
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Miles Lovegrove is director of Fluid Branding, the UK's largest supplier of Promotional Business Card Cases and other Promotional Products at www.fluidbranding.com. For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit www.ecoincentives.com
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