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6 Guidelines To Choose The Right Affiliate Marketing Programs

Aug 3, 2008
Affiliate marketing is the process of selling a product for someone else. Someone creates the product, you sell it and earn certain amount of comission every time you make a sale. It is that easy. The publisher of the product handles the sales and the inventory. All you need to do is to advertise the product.

But how to choose the right affiliate marketing programs on the internet? There are thousands of publishers who offer you a chance to sell their products as an affiliate. Affiliate programs are really quite easy to find. You just need to find the right ones to make sure you are not wasting your time.

Now, once you know how to use affiliate programs to make your internet home business profitable, you need to know what to consider while choosing the affiliate programs for your needs. Not all affiliate marketing programs are created equal, so it is very important finding the programs that sell well.

Here are a few guidelines to help you make the best choices on programs to promote.

1. Choose the programs that are consistent with your internet home based business site.

The products or services you choose to recommend on your website must put an additional value to your site's content. If your site is about internet home based business opportunities and resources, you should send your visitors to where they can learn and/or get tools to start their own home based internet business.

2. See the percent you get per sale.

The higher the percent, the better. There are plenty of great affiliate marketing products for you to promote that have good value, decent sales, respectable content and healthy profit margins of up to 80 % for the affiliates. You should concentrate to products which offer at least 20 % commissions. It is not reasonable to promote products that offer so low commissions that you have to make dozens of sales to cover your marketing expenses.

3. Residual Income.

Look for products and services that provide residual income. These are products or services that will provide you with a consistent monthly check for as long as the service or product continues to be paid for each month. Those could be e.g. hosting services, internet business training programs, autoresponder services, etc. As long as the member keeps paying for the service , you will continue to receive commissions.

4. Two tier commission programs.

A two tier program pays you not only for your sales but also for sales made by the affiliates you bring to the business. Some programs pay you even for each affiliate that joins the program below you. This could be a great automatic income stream for you if you succeed to recruit the right person for the program.

5. Are sales tools available?

This is really an important part of choosing the right internet affiliate marketing program. The more high-quality sales tools a publisher offers, the easier it is for you to make a sale. A good internet affiliate marketing program will offer you tools in the form of sales letters, newsletter ads, banners, etc. You will want to thoroughly review all of these tools and use them on your site. The more sales tools a publisher has, the better.

6. How does the affiliate site look?

Appearance of the site is important. If it is hard to navigate, checkout is difficult or they do not accept credit cards, you do not want to join this program. If there are third part advertisements or Adsense ads all over the site do not join! This will only help the affiliate manager earn income from people you send to their site.

A good rule is that if you like the site and the products, chances are others will too. Do not try to sell something you do not have confidence in yourself. Find the best affiliate programs for your own niche.

There is endless hype on the internet about the fortunes to be made online. You will find stories of people making tens of thousands dollars a month. Many of these stories are completely nonsense; they just want to sell something to you. However, many of these stories are also true. You just need to jump into the internet affiliate marketing business and start learning. People really are making money on the internet. So can you. You just need to find the right affiliate marketing programs to join.
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