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Making Money Online Using Social Networks

Aug 3, 2008
Making money online is an art form. It takes patients and persistence for one to achieve the results he or she is looking for. However, the journey can be shorten with knowledge regarding marketing. The majority of network marketers focuses on traffic generation and leads to increase their online presence throughout the internet world. The key to any successful campaign, is knowing what your audience want and how to get them to your product or services.For example, when marketing real estate, I always have found that locating the buyer first, getting them qualified, analyzing what type of home they want then proceed with locating the property produces positive results. Worked every time! I did this without the power of the internet.

The internet is a little different than personal contact, because one can't see you and of course, you can't offer your client coffee. All is based on words on your websites, sales page etc. One must create a social atmosphere with visitors in order to make money online by giving away tons of valued information to keep visitors coming back. Social Networking is positive proof of creating valuable relationships that will increase your money making skills dramatically with a little time. In fact you can build your own page, market your business, find new clients and keep up with family. Best of all you can do all of this free of charge.

Start by joining as many social networks as possible, especially the ones that are aimed towards business opportunities, making money online, marketing, etc. Check out Synergy, Facebook and Myspace to start. Reasons being, with social networks, the traffic is already their and growing everyday especially if you catch them around launch time. Your profile or page is always looked at because you are one of the first members that signed up. This gives you a jump on others to market your product or services. "However, social networking has found new forms of expression on the internet which has helped to reshape the purpose and protocols of social networking in the online world and beyond. How to apply this in a corporate environment will be the next major challenge".

The possibilities are endless. Most social networks have blogs that enable you to place your articles or content with a link to your product or services. One can also start a class on how to make money with your services online. For example, Insurance agents that specializes in diabetic care enables clients with diabetes to obtain free diabetic shoes and other services that are not known to individuals that suffer with this illness. Concentrate your efforts on content and the value of that content. Start by interviewing people on your subject matter, taking surveys and upload your results to Google video or post them on your page that you created on one of the social networks. Making money online takes a little work up front and most of that is time consumption but well worth the effort in the end.

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