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The Art of Making Appealing Websites

Aug 3, 2008
You create a website so others may see what you can give them. You may feature your hobby or you may be selling goods or services. The internet is a like a big mall with lots of stores catching each customer to enter their shop. Your website must also be appealing to attract traffic and make them stay.

Star Quality Factors on the Net

* Impact Introduction - a first time meeting of any sort creates a big impression. A few seconds of expression will make or break a conversation. Same is true for your web pages. You have to create an environment where the user will be comfortable to interact in your virtual world. A nice introduction through video streaming or audio presentation can close or give away the deal. Your introduction should have that wow factor making people to stay and be curious to explore the rest of the web content

* Inviting Colors - Inviting doesn't mean to be loud. An important thing to remember is having the right color scheme to represent your website. Color schemes are how users will perceive your online image. It is very hard to imagine a bank or any financial institution to be represented by very bright colors. Likewise a dull culinary website will not be too appealing to go to.

* Appropriate Design - the design of the website must revolve around how you want to present yourself or product. The simpler the better rule works for this concept. A lay out which is very light to the eye of the user is very engaging. Ease of navigation is also a big factor to consider

* Brilliant Content - this part of your page does the talking. It represents that thing between the ears of your company. The more that you can make people understand what message you want to convey or what products you want to sell them the better. Developing excellent web content entails a lot of researching. Give them what they want to hear but be honest to the limitations of your website.

* Inject Some Graphics - add visual invitations thru images or video streams which will give users a hint what the web page is all about. Any mind catching content can make the traffic stay and see what else you can offer them. Graphics add the attitude to your web page.

* Update your Site - regularly update the contents of your site. This gives the impression that you really take care of it and you mean business. This will keep users coming back for more information. This assures them that there will be something new until their next visit.

In order to create traffic to your website you must be on check for the enhancements that you can do with it. If you are not capable of doing the upgrades or changes to your site, it will be best to hire a professional web designer to implement these things. Also inquire about search engine optimizers which can direct traffic to your business or personal page. Writers can research and create quality web contents to keep the attention of your customers or convince them that it is worth coming back.
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