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The Power of JavaScript in Web Design

Aug 3, 2008
If you've been surfing the net for a while, you must likely have encountered websites created using JavaScript.

JavaScript is a programming language used to develop dynamic websites which run at the client side. This means that the language will not execute at the server but will run with your web page on the browser of the user. It is often used to manage online advertisements, validation of forms, and check on the ID of the browser. It doesn't conflict with other languages such as PHP or ASP when you design a website.

This language has been in use for several years now to produce websites with nice effects. Here are some highlights of what it can do:

* Browser integrated support - you don't have to install any plug ins to view sites using JavaScript programming. Most of the web browsers support the language. You only have to handle some specific features of the browsers so it will run properly

* Changing Structure Run time- web pages can be modified on run time since it has access to Document Object Model. It can also be used from the server side for script changes to better manage web contents

* Functional - JavaScript can be assigned to a function or variable where each can return also as a function. This language doesn't worry about tagging names to functions, as long as the programming is working, everything will just be fine

* Object Oriented- this language is easy to learn and handles most programming objects with no conflict

Benefits of the Language

The JavaScript websites are commonly designed to check for validating the inputs of users on an online form. Let say you have an order form on your website and a client forgets to fill up the fields for home address and postal code, the browser will prompt her to supply the needed information before continuing. This saves time instead of the process being checked by the server which handles a lot of data. ASP and PHP programming may also solve the problem but in a more time consuming way for the customer.

This programming language is also use to design vibrant web pages which may feature rolling over graphic components. This is also done from the side of the user through her web browser.

Other features like links and images can be manipulated using this scripting language. Other special effects for navigation can also be added to your website.

Sample Sites and Sample Script

http://www.brainjar.com/dhtml/menubar/ - JavaScript was used in combination with HTML. The menu bar will be highlighted when you point the mouse to it. There will also be a drop down menu where each of the content will also be highlighted

http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex3/dynamicsplash.htm - this is a great effect where information about your website or anything under the sun can be displayed on a splash screen.

http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex2/crosstick.htm - this allows you to tell web surfers that there are changes in your websites. The display will be text scrolling upward.

http://www.bosrup.com/web/overlib/ - a box will pop up when a user points her mouse to an item. It can be instruction, description, or reminders that you want to tell them.

JavaScript can be a great tool for designing exciting and functional websites. Just make sure that you maximize the features of this language so you can enhance the performance and appeal of your web pages.
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