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Network Marketing Ground Floor Opportunities

Aug 3, 2008
How many times have you heard or read the term "network marketing ground floor opportunity"? It seems that almost every new business calls itself ground floor and that you have to get in now before you loose your chance at great wealth. "This is it! Your last chance!"

What is a ground floor opportunity anyway? The term "ground floor" is more a "perception" rather than an actual "definition" and could mean different things to different people. In terms of network marketing, the context of how the term is expressed is very, very important. Ground floor could mean you are at the base of a company, which could develop 1000 floors above you, or it could mean the ground is where you will stay.

If the term is used in the sense that there is "no time but NOW to get in because the longer you wait the opportunity will slip away" is actually the opposite you want to hear. A statement like this actually says that the opportunity will become less as time goes on. The opportunity for a network marketing company should actually get stronger as time goes on - to a point. This point is after a company peaks through what is called exponential growth and this sort of growth doesn't happen all that often in the network marketing industry. Once exponential growth peaks, the opportunity will start to decrease for those who get in at that time. However, as an example it could be a solid decade before exponential growth starts to peak.

Here is another example how context is very, very important.

The term "ground floor opportunity" implies that you will have the distinct advantage over anyone else that gets in later. This could be 1 month after or 1 year after. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Super wrong.

First and foremost, just because you find a company that is a start up and promotes "ground floor" growth, does not mean it will be a growth company. This could very well mean you will stay on the ground floor.

This is where the context comes in once again. You will have distinct advantages over people who get in later IF you become one of the reasons for the company's growth.

A start up company provides a very wide ranging "risk / reward" factor. Meaning you have a high level of risk, however a great potential for reward. Context is also based on the company having the five principles of growth - management, funding, field leadership, compensation plan and product.

Finding a company with the five principles of growth is the holy grail of network marketing. Getting in on the ground floor of a company that can become the next billion-dollar company is the dream of the network marketing industry. However you MUST play a part for the company's growth.

When you are introduced to a company being expressed as a ground floor opportunity, know and understand the "Five Categories of Network Marketing". If you understand these categories, you will have a better understanding whether you are dealing with a real ground floor opportunity.
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