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How To Build Link Popularity Immediately

Aug 3, 2008
The top 3 search engines are MSN, Yahoo and Google - and all three think that having links from outside sites pointing to your sites is one of the most important "ranking factors". This is called link popularity. You can start building your link popularity today by influencing other websites to link to yours, which will then make the search engines see your site as more "popular" and then they will send you more traffic.

You can start building your link popularity today with a few simple steps. There are paid methods to do this, as well as free methods. Most beginning webmasters will want to start with free methods before moving onto paid methods.

Using the blogosphere to help build your link popularity and backlink profile is a perfect way for a beginner to get started. Because there are so many blogs out there, you're sure to find somewhere to post to. And because the internet is "on" 24-7, it's just a matter of getting going.

So first of all, go to Google and click the 'Blogs' link at the top. You're going to put in a keyword that is about the topic of your site. After that, Google will give you a list of all blogs that have articles about the topic, and you'll go to them.

Commenting is always available on blogs. So to build links, you'll read the article to make sure it's relevant to your website. Then you'll find the 'Comments' link and add a comment about the blog post.

After hitting the "Comments" button, you'll usually find 3 sections to fill out. They want your name, your website address and your email. It's important that the website address field is filled out completely, since that's how you'll make that blog link back to you.

Then, for your comment itself. You do not want to spam the blog you are posting a comment on. That is, don't just leave a promo for your own site. It will most likely be deleted.

Instead, make your comment relevant to the post that the blog author wrote. Usually people like compliments, so leaving a complimentary comment is always more likely to be published. Try to add value to the post the author already wrote or even respond to comments other people have submitted.

Once your comment is complete, hit the "Submit" button. Some blogs will publish your comment immediately and you will be able to see it, and your link, right away. Some blogs will hold your comment for manual approval by the blog owner; in this case, you may receive a message that your comment is being held in moderation.

Go through all the blogs listed in Google's blog search that you found on your topic. Leave comments on all that you can that are relevant to your topic. The more blogs that you leave comments on, the more you are building your link popularity.

This is a simple, free way to being immediately begin building your link popularity today. If you repeat the process weekly, or even daily, you'll find new blogs listed for you to leave comments on. By repeating this process on a regular schedule you'll be able to build your backlinks over time.
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