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Aug 3, 2008
Commercial hose reels are one of the most vital material handling tools you can invest in. Many organizations use heavy machinery that requires pressurized water, oil, or air to operate. Some of these devices also require exceptionally high voltage that can be delivered only through very large diameter, heavily insulated power cords. Because these hoses are very heavy and cumbersome to carry by hand, it is neither safe nor ergonomic to try to move them around manually without an industrial hose reel. It only takes 25 lbs of force applied at the wrong angle to damage a worker's back, and in addition to the potential liability, dragging hoses around the floor or across a construction site will eventually wear on the hose and damage it.

An industrial hose reel will eliminate the risk of injury and damage to heavy industrial cords and pressure hoses with large diameters. Commercial hose reels come in different sizes based upon the size and nature of the hose or cord they are being used for. They are further divided into four categories based upon the type of retrieval they are used for. Because it takes one hand to guide the hose onto a commercial reel, category selection should be based upon workload, ergonomics, and type of industrial environment the hose reel is used in.

1. Hand crank hose Reels

When a worker has both hands free, one hand can crank the hose onto the reel, and the other can guide it. These reels are designed for long, large capacity industrial hoses with up to 4,000 PSI.

2. Motor Driven Hose Reels

These industrial reels are used for hoses ranging from 200PSI to 10,000 PSI and are recommended for environments where the worker has only one hand free to guide the hose onto the spool.

3. Spring Driven Reels

Spring driven models do not require an external power source to operate. Easy Rack carries spring driven industrial reels for air hoses, oil hoses, grease hoses, hydraulic hoses, vacuum hoses, and oxy acetylene hoses. We also have spring driven cable reel for welding equipment in both stainless steel and aluminum models.

4. EZ Coil Commercial Reels

These are a special kind of spring driven industrial hose reel engineered to retract hoses at only 20% the speed of other spring driven models. They are designed for combustible environments it is unsafe to operate a motor or electrically driven hose reel for risk that a spark may cause an explosion.

5. Electric Cord and Cable Reels

These commercial reels are designed specifically for retractable Extension Cord Reels, Hand Crank Welding Reels, and Static Discharge Grounding.

Because there are so many models available in each industrial hose reel series, it is important to narrow your selection and buy a unit that is the closest match to your requirements. The following 5 principles are recommended when making your selection. We also recommend that you follow the following guidelines when selecting an industrial hose reel(s) for your facility.

1. Select your reel based on hose I.D., O.D., and Length

2. Compare the size of your hose to the inlet and outlet sizes on the reel.

3. Determine the safest and most ergonomic method of retraction.

4. Determine where you need to mount the hose.

5. Select the type of hose you will be using.

6. Customize your commercial hose reel.

Even after selecting a near perfect match to your industrial requirements, it may be possible to customize the hose reel further to meet the exact specifications of your process flow. Contact a material handling specialist at Easy Rack to see what customization options are available, or to make certain you have decided on the safest, most ergonomic, and most efficient hose reel possible
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