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International Moving Between the US and Canada

Aug 3, 2008
There was a time when international moving between the United States and Canada was a simple matter of loading up a truck and crossing the border by showing your driver's license to the border patrol agent. Things are not that simple anymore. Increased security and heightened threats to both countries have caused the US/Canadian border to become a checkpoint that now requires a passport to pass through. Even the CAT, the hovercraft that travels from Maine to Nova Scotia, now has strict regulations for boarding.

Despite all of this, international moving between the United States and Canada is quite common in both directions. The cities of Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg are all thriving centers of industry and have almost as many American residents as they do Canadian. The same can be said on the other side of the border in Buffalo, Seattle, Portland and the cities that surround the Great Lakes like Chicago and Detroit. International moving in the past century has benefited both countries and continues to this day.

Most of the international moving that happens between the United States and Canada is done by truck. The exceptions to this would be a move across the Great Lakes or a move to the northern reaches of Canada which might involve shipping by sea or by air. Trucks that cross the border in either direction are subject to search and must be accompanied by a complete inventory list that can be verified by Customs officials.

The currencies of the two countries are different but most border towns and cities in Canada accept both. American money has historically had a higher value than Canadian money so exchanging it when you cross over will give you more spending power. They also strictly enforce seatbelt laws and don't allow anyone in who has been convicted of a felony in the United States. Highway patrol is handled by RCMP cruisers, the modern day version of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

International moving to Canada can be a multi-cultural experience that will expose you to the best of both the old world and the new. The city of Quebec is the oldest in North America and landmarks from the early French and Indian Wars are still visible and available to tour. English and French are both spoken liberally and in some areas, like Acadia, you will hear the two blended together to create a new language that's intelligible only to locals.

Most of the world looks at Canada and the United States as one nation, despite the fact that they have different governments and a border separating them. If you are contemplating an international moving venture into Canada, hire an international moving company to assist you.

You might also want to travel up by car and let the truck carrying your belongings go separately, preferably a few hours ahead of you. Delays at the border can be extensive when you are moving so let the professionals handle it for you. Then you can leisurely follow and enjoy the best part of Canada, the wide open roads and beautiful scenery.
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