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International Shipping of Live Animals

Aug 3, 2008
International shipping of live animals falls into two categories. The first is the shipping of domestic animals, or pets, to a destination in another country. The second is the shipping of wild animals to zoos or scientific laboratories. They are two distinctly different methods of international shipping and are typically done by different types of international shipping companies.

The shipping of domestic animals is a practice that can usually be handled by your international moving company. If you are moving overseas to another country and you have pets you will most likely want to take them with you. This is only natural. There are, however, some important issues that you need to take under consideration before arranging for international shipping of your animals. The age and health of your pet are the primary concerns. Sometimes it's a better choice to find a family member or close friend to take your dog or cat instead of subjecting them to a long voyage that they may not survive. You should also check on the health requirements for the country you are moving to. Pets, like humans, are required to be screened for communicable diseases and many with severe health conditions will not be allowed into the country.

Once you have determined that your pet is young and healthy enough to withstand the rigors of international shipping, you need to find the best method for transporting Fluffy or Felix overseas. Ocean voyages are not recommended unless the animal is large or you can travel with them. International shipping by air is fast and efficient and there are many companies out there that specialize in the transport of domestic animals. It is also possible that if you have a small dog or cat you may be able to take them on a commercial flight with you. Temperature sensitive pets such as iguanas and tropical birds should not be transported overseas by plane or boat. Find them another home before you leave your country of origin.

International shipping for wild animals is an entirely different process. Most wild animals captured by hunters or trappers are shipped in chartered cargo ships that have expert animal control specialists and veterinarians on board. These cargo ships are also equipped with cages for transport and tranquilizer guns that can be used for sedation of the animals if necessary. Transporting wild animals is often dangerous and precautions need to be taken so only trained and experienced professionals should attempt it.

There are also licenses and permits involved in the international shipping of wild animals. Certain species are protected and others are not allowed in some countries. All animal cargoes are checked very thoroughly at Customs and usually quarantined for a period of time to prevent infectious diseases from entering the country. There are certain breeds of monkeys that carry HIV and it is widely believed that one of them may have been how the virus reached the United States and other countries originally. Animal quarantine is much stricter today and the danger has been minimized or eliminated completely with bans on specific species.
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