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International Shipping or International Movers

Aug 3, 2008
Here's the scenario: Your boss just told you that he's transferring you from your nice cushy job in the United States to an even cushier job in Great Britain at one of the company's other offices. An apartment, or flat as they call it over there, has already been secured for you and your boss hands you a nice fat check to cover relocation expenses. You don't have to report till next month so you have plenty of time and pretty much everything has been taken care of. The only question left to answer is, International shipping or international movers?

At first glance it would seem that these two options are the same but they are not. International shipping is generally a term used to describe the shipment of an item or items that are packaged up by the sender and sent overseas to be retrieved by either the same person or a third party in the destination country. Pick up and delivery costs are eliminated because the sender delivers the package himself to the port of departure. Some international shippers do offer door to door service but the packaging of the item is left up to the sender.

International movers do everything for you. They will show up at your home and package your belongings in a manner that will keep them safe on a long voyage. International movers will then deliver your belongings to a port of departure and present an inventory list to customs officials and to the captain of the transport vessel. They will then meet the vessel at the arrival port and walk your belongings through the customs and entry requirements at the other end. International movers are a good option when you are planning on moving an entire household of furniture and personal effects.

For the scenario in the first paragraph the man who received the promotion will most likely not need international movers because an arranged apartment usually comes fully furnished. Personal belongings and incidentals can be shipped separately or carried over in the individual's luggage when he goes himself. International movers are an unnecessary expense in this instance unless the party involved is extremely attached to his personal furnishings. Even then, storage may be a better option at least temporarily until he settles into his new position.

The development of world markets and e-commerce has increased the volume of international movers in North America, Europe and Asia. Business people from around the globe are making the choice every day to set up shop in other nations and pursue new avenues to make their companies successful. Employees are transferred from country to country now instead of city to city like in the past. This is a positive indicator that the world is growing up and getting closer to being a healthier and safer place to live. Borders have opened up and previously impenetrable countries are now viable trade partners and technologically advanced manufacturers of their own products. International shipping companies and international movers help keep everything connected and going in the right direction.
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