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Quit Spending Your Blogging Money Right Now!

Aug 3, 2008
If you knew that the money you make early on with your blogging could help you to make more in the future would you give it up? If let's say, small investments with your blogging money could potentially help you to be earning six figures in two years would you be willing to not spend it on luxuries now? What are you doing with your blogging money?

Why are some people spending the blogging money they are earning so fast when they start out in operating an online business? It is a mistake I've seen a lot of people make. Truly, it's just a matter of inexperience but hopefully the people that read this will gain a little bit of insight from it. If you are new online blogging, in time you would eventually learn this one way or the other.

When starting out online most new people who haven't the knowledge to truly build an online business yet, are so happy to just make their first dollars they are to quick to go out and start spending their much anticipated blogging money they might have finally earned. Then again, not all online businesses are based on blogging. Certainly, it doesn't have to be just blogging they are using as their business builders but, either way, some do not understand the importance of reinvesting those funds to further themselves.

It's exciting when those first few sales come in and I suppose it's only natural to want to give yourself a little pat on the back by buying yourself a little present for crossing that first real hurdle. Which of course is making your first sale! It's always a great feeling. But don't let that first sale fool you into thinking a ton of them will follow. It takes time for consistency to come into play.

One thing that most experienced bloggers will tell you is that instead of spending that first blogging money, you should really invest it back into your business. Why? Well, so you can further your business by either outsourcing some of your tasks of blogging, or perhaps you could get a piece of helpful software to make your job a little bit easier. When you do have the dollars, it sure is a nice treat to simply put in an order for a bunch of articles at Elance or Scriptlance and hire a writer to do them for you. It cuts your time up immensely. When you finally have the chance to use these services, believe me, you will appreciate it. Personally the biggest struggle I've always had working online is trying to deal with all the content that must be created. It's especially true when you try and move into managing multiple blogs. It's very hard to do it all on your onw. There are only so many hours in a day, after all. Do yourself a favor! Instead of spending that first little bit of blogging money on a present for yourself, hire a writer or grab yourself some software to make your online business and life easier. If this is the first time learning what I've just written give it a try.

Without question, we are living in a time when some of the new blogging softwares for helping you in your business are becoming incredibly powerful. We even have complete membership sites developed now for helping us to maintain multiple blogs in one place. Yes, it can be a bit of an investment in monthly fees for this type of membership. But, you have to look at it with the end in mind. For the cost of this type of membership will be well worth it months down the road when you start to make some real blogging money from your efforts. If that isn't enough to excite you, then, think about how much further along you will be in your business one or two years from now. It pays off and it's worth it!

Fortunately, in time I was able to begin affording the privilege of joining one of these sites myself. If you can't afford a powerful blogging membership then seriously consider some of the newer blogging softwares to help you. In time the cost of using these tools will be paying off and putting more blogging money where it belongs, which is in your pocket! Keep on pushing forward and know where you are spending that early blogging money.
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