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How to Create an MLM Prospecting System that Really Works

Aug 3, 2008
Forget about the automated MLM prospecting systems that you see online. Although they can be effective to a certain extent, these MLM prospecting systems are generally better suited to people who are already doing well with their own version of MLM prospecting systems. Having an automated one is just like the bonus.

If, however, you still haven't gotten lucky creating your own brand of MLM prospecting system without the help of any software program, here's what you should do:

Increase Your Network Size - Your network must constantly be expanding. Never rest on your laurels. Even if you've got the highest number of friends in town, there are still millions of other people that you can befriend as well. Since MLM depends largely on the number of people you know and can convince to invest, you can also say that your profit potential is proportional to your network size. So work on that smile!

Know Your Product Like the Back of Your Hand - The products you're selling are your main source of income. As such, it's important that you constantly update your knowledge of any news which might directly or indirectly affect your product. Constantly updating your knowledge will enable you to answer any questions your prospects may have about your products.

Be Assertive and Not Aggressive - There is a very huge difference between being assertive and aggressive but many people unfortunately fail to notice the difference. While making follow-up calls to your MLM prospects is certainly understandable and even expected of you, make sure that you don't end up being too pushy or violating rules of decency.

It's okay to do everything you can to attain your goal, but make sure that everything does not include attaining victory at the expense of other people.

Be Organized - Create a standard operating procedure (SOP) that encompasses everything from contacting prospects to making follow-up calls to making the final presentations or arguments to convince them to invest as well. Make sure that you also specify the number of days to serve as interval between each phase.

Mark your calendars accordingly if you set up any meeting or appointment with your MLM prospects. Be sure to remind them of your meeting two to three days before the agreed upon time and date.

Be Honest - Your reputation will grow stronger and become more credible if your MLM prospects know that you're not withholding any truths for them. If there's a need for you to lie about your MLM proposal, you're better off joining another MLM company.

Matching Your Style with the Customer's - The customer is always right, so it's important that you adjust your recruitment strategy to match their preferences instead of having it the other way around. Since you're doing the recruiting, be prepared to make all the compromises!

Reflect on Your Actions - At the end of the day, review the actions you've taken and determine which steps contributed in your success or failure. Take note of what you've done right so that you can do it again. Take note of what you've done wrong and try to imagine what you could have done instead to gain a better outcome.

There's nothing wrong with availing of the services of an automated MLM prospecting system but you can only put it to better use if you're already capable of recruiting people without its help.
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