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Network Marketing Secrets For The Uninitiated

Aug 3, 2008
Network marketing is a sink or swim environment. A distributor should persevere or perish. Quitting is the surest way to fail. Staying on and improving the required skills can increase a distributor's survival for success.

Here are three important network-marketing secrets that a new distributor must learn to be able to grow in the business.

Avoiding Rejection

Network marketing is among the most fun and rewarding business concepts around. However, network-marketing individuals are always faced with challenges. Common of these challenges is rejection. Even the most experienced network-marketing distributor can be brought down by the most lethal psychological incident that is called rejection.

Everyone hates being rejected especially if the rejection would come from long-time friends and family members. But rejection can easily be avoided by newly signed-up distributors by asking help from those who have significant experience in network marketing the uplines.

New distributors tend to take rejection personally and will quit the business because of this. It is logical therefore that new distributors should not approach their friends and family for recruitment unless the new distributors have gained enough training and information from their uplines.

Avoiding Management Trap

New and rising network marketing distributors will find that most of their recruits will come from their warm markets their friends and family. However, these same markets can often cause problems that can hurt the new distributors most.

Friends and family members recruited into the business will most likely ask a distributor now an upline to manage their business for them. The distributor can then be caught in the management trap before he or she can even reach his or her targeted income level.

Managing an organization in a network marketing setting is a time-wasting practice that a distributor's recruits should be doing. Codependency can cause a network-marketing group to collapse.

As an upline, a distributor should support the members of the group by being there for them when they ask for guidance and motivational support. But that should be it. Other functions, such as accounting and actual selling among others, should never be done by the upline distributor. Otherwise, the distributor risks losing his or her focus and thus lowering performance itself.

Avoiding Depression

Network marketing calls for upbeat and enthusiastic distributors who can attract other people who want better lives. Quitting or attrition is a common case in network marketing. The disappointment and depression is sure to drain the zeal in most network-marketing distributor.

It is therefore essential for the network-marketing distributor to have the skills to dodge the effects of depression and disappointment. Whenever a distributor feels depressed, he or she should call for upline support and encouragement. Small words of encouragement can go a long way for the success of a network marketer.

It is also important that a network marketer learn how to avoid negative people. A distributor should not waste energy supporting downlines who resist. There is a famous acronym for network marketing distributors worldwide: SW3 Next. It means some will, some won't, so what next?

To uplift a distributor's outlook, he or she must read uplifting books, listen to inspiring audio books, speak and think in positive manner, and above all, focus on the bright future ahead instead of dwelling in past disappointments.

Following these tips can be the difference between a network-marketing distributor's success and demise.
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