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How to Ship Those Corporate Mexican Gifts Safely and Securely

Aug 3, 2008
When it comes to shipping fragile items, knowing how to pack the perfect package is much more than just cosmetics. Sure, you can always take your corporate Mexican gifts to a local packing agency, but sometimes, it is nice to save the budget for the actual gifts instead of the packing. If you have to ship your corporate Mexican gifts, you will want to know how to safely package those often fragile items to insure your gifts get there in one piece instead of hundreds of often messy ones.

There are virtually hundreds of suggestions and tips available for how to ship even the most fragile of items. The most important step is to have the appropriate packing supplies. You will need a box, tape, bubble wrap, filler, and of course, the corporate Mexican gift to be mailed. You can find these supplies online for virtually nothing, and the best thing is that you can have fun popping the excess bubble wrap!

Here are some suggestions for packing a virtually unbreakable package capable of withstanding the most haphazard handling with the shipper.

Wrap the item or items in wrapping with small bubbles first. You will want each item you send to be wrapped separately. Wrap and then tape in the middle as well as both ends. Now do the same with large bubble wrap. You can now combine items if you need to.

Using stretch film to wrap the wrapped items is going to add another layer of security. Make sure that the stretch film will give a little cushion to the wrapped items. The good news is you do not have to tape this because the stretch film with secure itself!

Now you need a box. Do not get a small box. You want a box that is going to give you at least half an inch leeway on each and every side. You will want to use two layers of tape on the bottom. Now, place in a couple layers of those packing peanuts. Place your item on top, and then finish filling the box with packing peanuts. You will want to insure that after settling there is not anything that will move inside the box. The Post Office says, "If you can shake it, we can break it!"

Add two layers of tape to the top of the box. If you are shipping abroad or internationally, you will want to add tape around the middle just to be on the safe side.

Write "FRAGILE" on each side of the box. Having a red ink stamp is going to make this easy, but if you have an old fashioned marker, you will get the same results.

If you are shipping, you can always spend a few extra cents and purchase insurance. You will be covering yourself, and you will not spend too much money.

When it comes to corporate Mexican gifts, you will find that these tips on packing your box will insure everyone gets the results the expected. Good luck, and may your package reap you the rewards you earn!
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