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Which Web Site Hosting Company Should You Use for Your Website?

Aug 3, 2008
Finding web hosting for your website. There are so many companies out there that provide web host services that the process of finding the right company can be quite daunting.

In this article I will write about certain things you should look for as you think about signing up with a web provided.

In a way, the things you want out of a web site hosting provider are similar to the things you want out of any company that provides you a service.

One of the main things people think about whether you are looking for Michigan web site hosting, California web hosting, or even in, say, Brazil, is price.

The point I'm trying to make here is that there are many companies out there competing for you business in this marketplace.

It is very easy for a small company to set up a tiny web hosting service and start looking for clients.

This can be a problem for a new website owner. What you want to make sure you do is find a respectable company who has a good track record of customer service and price.

Some of the most popular web hosts are Midphase, AN Hosting, and BlueHost.

It is possible to get very good pricing from a web site hosting company because of the healthy competition in that market and because space on servers for a typical average-size website is cheap.

You can always find promotions and good deals, often during holidays. At the end of December or near other holidays like Halloween you can typically find some promotion that will save you money or give you a few months or a domain name for free.

Just keep your eyes open. But I will warn you that you can get too involved with looking for the best host on the planet, but in the end, it usually is only a few dollars difference.

It is quite difficult to find one provider that stands out from the rest. Even if you read reviews, you will tend to hear about people having very different experiences.

It really depends on what kind of website you will be running. If it is a simple blog you want to host, then you will not run into as many problems as you would with a very large social network website.

For this kind of site, you may want to go with a dedicated server. But for those of you starting out, go ahead and go with a basic service like the ones hosted by Midphase and AN Hosting.

They are services made with ease of use as a focal point. Good luck and I can't wait to see your website up on the web!
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